Worthington Optimal Wellness was founded in 1987 by Dr. Julia Keiser.

In 2020, Dr. Keiser retired and the ownership was transferred to Dr. KJ Shannan.

The original name was Worthington Chiropractic. As WOW began to add more holistic means to augment chiropractic care, it became clear that the mission of WOW is to treat the whole person with natural and holistic methods. WOW’s core service remains chiropractic care.

WOW has 3 full-time chiropractors, 4 massage therapists, full-time staff who assist with nutrition, supplements, exercise, allergy relief, supporting products for better sleep, posture, and personal care. The office manager is Carol Grimm.

Contact phone number: (614) 848-5211.

Press and Awards

Worthington Chamber Person of the Year 2018

The Chamber’s Small Business Person of the Year award program is one of the ways our organization demonstrates its support for small businesses and recognizes members who are succeeding, have shown growth, and are involved in the betterment of the Worthington community. Dr. Julia Keiser is the 2018 Honoree.


Columbus Monthly

Top Chiropractor – Recognized for Excellence – January 2018


Columbus CEO Magazine

Small Business Spotlight

Small Business Spotlight: Worthington Optimal Wellness (link)

Small Business Spotlight: Worthington Optimal Wellness (PDF)

Dr. Julia Keiser, Guest Blogger


Columbus Dispatch

Founder’s health problems led to creation of Worthington Optimal Wellness (link)

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