Worthington Optimal Wellness is a place where you’ll find solutions to all of your most pressing health issues.

We not only provide chiropractic care but also yoga, meditation, weight loss solutions, acupuncture, exercise solutions, and answers to most of your pressing health issues.

Come and visit us on Thursday, February 23rd for a fun evening filled with answers to all your questions and more… (fun and food).

Questions I hear frequently from patients:

  1. How do I start running safely?
  2. Menopause is a nightmare- what can I do?
  3. I hate to meditate how else can I decrease stress?
  4. Is yoga safe for me?
  5. What’s the best cleansing program?
  6. Would acupuncture help?
  7. What’s the best exercise program for the most effective results?
  8. Your skin looks great- what do you do? I’m sick of chemicals what should I use in my house?
  9. Are metal/mercury fillings safe?
  10. What about fluoride?
  11. Could my bra be aggravating my shoulder pain?
  12. I keep reading about inflammation what can I do? I’m always tired what’s the solution?
  13. I keep waking up at 3:00 and I can’t get back to sleep – what’s the cause?
  14. and the ever constant: how do I lose weight and keep it off?

How about an event where experts on all these fields (and MORE) are available to answer questions, offer solutions and help you optimize your life?

Join us at our office on Thursday February 23rd at 6:00 PM for our Women’s Winter Wellness event.

Plus it includes a gourmet chef with healthy cooking demos, fabulous door prizes, food, wine and fun. 

I hope to see you on Thursday – it’s going to be a fun filled evening packed with vendors and lots of women, food and wine.

Dr. Julia Keiser

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