So we have quit shaking hands, no European kissing of the cheeks, and no hugs.

We have resorted to waving or various signals. I have personally gone to Spock’s “Live long and prosper” gesture. 

Humans are meant to touch.

Numerous studies have shown that hugging is beneficial for our health and our immune systems.

According to an article on, that benefits of hugging are:
  1. Hugs reduce stress by showing your support
  2. Hugs may protect you from illness (that’s ironic!)
  3. Hugs may boost your heart health
  4. Hugs make you happier
  5. Hugs help reduce your fears
  6. Hugs may help reduce your pain
  7. Hugs help you communicate with others

So what should we do? HUG WHO YOU CAN!

First, start hugging your family. I mean long hugs, not some wimpy squeeze. Put your soul into it.

Give firm hugs for 20 seconds.

You might feel silly or start laughing – GREAT! Touch as much as possible.

Hold your spouse or your kids’ hands.

Give a shoulder rub to someone in your family (everyone’s muscles are tight, believe me).

Petting your dog lowers blood pressure and increases the “feel good” hormones like serotonin.

So pet your dog or your cat. If you have fish for pets it’s a little harder! You will just have to send them good vibes. I have noticed when we go for walks in the park, more people are stopping to pet our dogs.

We clearly need touch. It is good for our hearts, our health, and our souls. So find creative ways to “keep in touch”.

Keeping your immune system healthy is your best bet to stay healthy, at any time!

Our goal here at WOW is to help you “Live Long and Prosper.”

Come on in, we are keeping it safe and clean and we are here to help.
Dr. Julia Keiser  

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