What do you take for pain? Is it Advil or Ibuprofen or Allieve or Naprosyn or Celebrex?

Well I hope not. These drugs (NSAIDs) are the leading cause of blood transfusions.

A current study shows use of these drugs for 2 months or more caused ulcers in stomach or upper intestines of 100% of patients. That causes stomach bleeding. We put this information on our board at the office and in one week 10 patients told me stories of family members who had died from bleeding caused by using NSAIDs. These drugs are also the cause of kidney damage and are the #2 cause of kidney transplants in the U.S Remember just because they are advertised hourly on TV., doesn’t mean they are safe..

So what should you do? Suffer?? No! First find out the cause of the pain. Ignoring your body’s warning signal is like ignoring the fire alarm or the smoke detector. This self healing self regulating miracle of a body doesn’t create pain for no reason. Find the cause and let’s get it corrected.

For the small occasional aches and pains, there are some safer solutions. Ice and moist heat may be helpful.

We have an herbal pain and anti- inflammatory that is very effective and won’t tear up your stomach or damage your kidneys.

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