Are you hunching over your computer right now? Do your kids slump? Are you getting that lump at the top of your spine?

Probably; because most of us sit at a computer or desk or video game all the time. We even have a new diagnosis for it- Forward Head Posture. The center of your ear should be in line with the center of your shoulder. If your ear is forward, you have a problem.

Due to the constant pulling stress, we lose an important curve in our neck. Loss of that curve doesn’t just make us look old, it ages us rapidly. It speeds up the development of arthritis in our spine, compresses the nerves going to our thyroid gland (slows our metabolism), our heart and our digestive system ( reflux, indigestion) and can even affect our immune systems.

So what to do?

First sit up straight – yes just what your Mom has been telling you.

Second don’t ignore this.

In our office, we have new technology to quickly and easily assess your posture. We can make recommendations to correct the problem and we can come to your office to do posture and ergonomic analysis. Contact us to find out more!

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