As many of you have seen our Facebook page, my nephew, Patrick Hughes graduated from chiropractic school last weekend and I got to walk him across the stage.

It was so exciting and, even more exciting, he joined our practice on April 1st (no joke)!!

We had another one of our patients who graduated with him and is joining a practice in Florida.

We are so happy to announce the addition of Dr. Patrick Hughes to our team here at Worthington Optimal Wellness.

Dr. Hughes is a recent graduate of Life University’s Chiropractic program, and can not wait to meet everyone and begin to serve the Worthington community.

Dr. Hughes’ chiropractic journey began when he was just 2 hours old when he was adjusted by me.

Having been consistently adjusted by me over the years has helped Dr. Hughes to live a healthy lifestyle, and certainly influenced him to become a Chiropractor. 

Many patients (and medical doctors) ask us about chiropractic education. There is much confusion out there on this topic.

I once had an OBGYN specialist call me and ask me to tell him about our practice. His nurse was a patient and raved about us so much, he was curious. His was told in medical school that chiropractic school was six months long. When I explained the truth, he was flabbergasted. Once he was “educated” he and his partners have referred hundreds of patients to us.

Chiropractic education includes an undergraduate degree. Like medical or dental school it is usually in one of the sciences but can be any major as long as all the biology, anatomy, chemistry and physics course are completed.

Chiropractic school is a total of 4,700 hours vs. medical school at 4,550 hours. 

The difference in our education is chiropractors have more neurology, radiology, anatomy, orthopedics, and diagnosis.

Medical doctors have more hours in pharmacology and surgery while we are heavily educated in adjusting techniques, nutrition, exercise and physical therapy, advanced imaging, stress reduction, and sleep.

You can see that Chiropractors are highly educated in finding solutions to your symptoms. We fix your body and respond to what it needs to heal itself. We are taught that the body CAN heal naturally when it’s in alignment.

Stop in and meet our new doctor- I can’t wait for him to meet all of you.

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