Do you know that trans fat are bad for you?

Of course you do; unless you have been living under a rock! But the FDA has finally banned them. However, there are still foods that contain them, according to a blog post written by Daisy Coyle, APD on October 29, 2018.

Trans fat is naturally found in small amounts in some animal products such as meat, whole milk, and milk products. Check the food label to find out if trans fat is in your food choices. 

Here are just a few reasons that they are bad for you:

  • Linked to depression
  • Increases risk of heard disease and strokes
  • Linked to Obesity
  • Lowers Chances of Fertility
  • Associated with Autoimmune Diseases
  • Escalates risk of Alzheimers
  • Causes Acne
  • Associate with Type 2 Diabetes

You should limit trans fat to less than 1% of your daily calories. For someone with a 2,000 calorie a day diet, this is about 20 calories or 2 grams per day. Obviously, YOU need to look out for them when buying food!

Why do some companies still use trans fats?

Trans fats are easy to use, inexpensive to produce and last a long time. Trans fats give foods a desirable taste and texture. Many restaurants and fast-food outlets use trans fats to deep-fry foods because oils with trans fats can be used many times in commercial fryers. Several countries (e.g., Denmark, Switzerland, and Canada) and jurisdictions (California, New York City, Baltimore, and Montgomery County, MD) have reduced or restricted the use of trans fats in food service establishments.” Info found at

Here’s the kicker: This has been known for a long time. As a chiropractor, I was taught this information in school 28 years ago!

So why did it take so long for the FDA to ban them?

That question goes to the core of problems and concerns about the FDA. Many directors of the FDA have either been CEOs of chemical or pharmaceutical companies or leave the FDA to become VPs or CEOs of those companies.

This blatant conflict of interest puts us all in danger. Many drugs, food additives or chemicals are initially banned but later allowed when more pressure is applied.

This means we must educate ourselves about our food and medications.  At WOW, we constantly read and share this kind of information with our patients. We post much of this info on our Facebook page.

This is one of the reasons why we are so passionate about YOUR WHOLE HEALTH! We are not just chiropractors, we are a whole staff of people who care deeply about your your health as a whole person.

If you are interested in any particular topic, comment below! We will do our best to help you in anyway we can.

Dr. Julia Keiser

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