In our last blog, we tried to talk you off the ledge about the Corona Virus.

Strengthening your immune system is the key to handling this particular virus (or any other virus).

The risk of danger is much greater for elderly people with compromised immune symptoms. However, everyone should do what we can to avoid contracting the virus to mitigate the spread in our community.


Number 1: Get adjusted.

Studies on immune response have shown that people under long term chiropractic care have 200% better immune response than the average American

Blood work comparing pre and post adjustment show those exposed to an infection show an increase in immune cells and immune cell efficiency after an adjustment.

Number 2: Get plenty of rest.

Get 8 hours per night sleep. Before going to sleep, meditate or listen to something soothing, read something inspirational.

Do not watch the news and fill your mind with stressful thoughts right before you go to sleep! You need to be careful right now. There is so much news and talk about the virus. While you want to be informed, you also have to take care of #1 – YOURSELF!

Number 3: Decrease your sugar intake.

Sugar can trigger feelings of worry, irritability, and sadness, (which can be a double whammy if you also deal with depression or anxiety). After eating too much sugar, your body releases insulin to help absorb the excess glucose in the bloodstream and stabilize blood sugar levels.

That’s a good thing, right?  Not necessarily.

Here’s why: A sugar rush makes your body work hard to get back to normal levels. This roller coaster of ups and downs can leave you feeling nervous, foggy, irritable, jittery, and drained.

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Number 4: Do regular aerobic exercise.

We all know that exercise reduces the risk of many conditions, including obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and more.

ALL of those conditions cause stress in the body, which in turn affects your mood, your ability to handle mental stress and your overall well being. And this, in turn, DEPLETES your body’s ability to fight off the virus (or any other virus).

Number 5: Maximize nutrition.

We all know that eating healthy foods helps your body perform better. You’d have to have been living under a rock to not know that eating organic is much better for you than not. Eat LOTS of organic fruits and vegetables. Eat balanced meals throughout the day, keeping your body nourished. Don’t drink much alcohol or soda. Don’t drink diet soda at all (it’s like poison). Eat small portions of red meat and more healthy fish (such as salmon). Cleanse your body and get supplements that boost your immune system. See more blog posts on nutrition.

We have a specific vitamin/mineral compound shown to boost immunity, (ask us for individual instructions)

So that’s it – as usual, common sense. We are here to help you stay healthy!

Dr. Julia Keiser  

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