As we hop into spring cleaning or chemical de-cluttering, let’s start with home.

I want you to do an analysis of your common products: cleaning, laundry, soaps.

As Marie Kondo, author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” says, “Do they bring you joy?” Well if they are full of toxins that’s a “NO”.

Inside the home.

We had a patient who was getting a migraine every Saturday afternoon. We checked her for subluxations on Friday. I talked to her about emotional or physical stresses. We could not find the cause.

Finally, I asked what cleaning products she was using because she cleaned on Saturday mornings. “Formula 409”. I told her to stop using that and try vinegar and water. No more migraines.

Use cleaning products without chemicals. You can make your own or find some at Whole Foods, Trader Joes or online.

I use Mrs. Meyers products throughout the house and laundry.

Now, how about that lawn.

Everyone wants that emerald green carpet but the chemicals are not worth it.

A Canadian study showed exposure to any one of five pesticides which are all used in common lawn products was a better indicator of whether you will develop Type II diabetes than your genetics or diet. Dandelions are PRETTY and good for bees. There are several organic lawn care companies in Central Ohio.

Pesticides are particularly dangerous toxins. Described as “POPs” (persistent organic pollutants), focus on the “persistent”. DDT has been banned since the 1950s yet it is still present in 97% of our urine and 94% of newborns’ cord blood. When exposed, our bodies try to get rid of them but it is so difficult the body makes fat cells to wall them off from damaging our organs. Pesticides change the way we burn fat for energy and depress metabolism.

POPs are one reason traditional diet programs fail!

As we lose weight breaking down fat cells, those POPs are released which decreases metabolism! This is a major cause of dieting plateaus.

One major benefit of our cleanse system is the herbs flush out the POP toxins from the fat cells and stops the plateauing.

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