Not too long ago, I heard on the radio a “health expert”, a medical doctor, said it is perfectly fine for all kids to have 2 sodas per day.

What? I think most of you reading this blog know this is terrible advice!

There is nothing beneficial about soda.

Do any of us need more sugar? At best, they are empty calories. If it is regular soda, it contains high fructose corn syrup. There are dozens of studies condemning this ingredient. It is one of the contributors to Type II Diabetes among other concerns.

What about diet soda? Yikes!

A growing body of evidence suggests that diet soda consumption correlates with an increased risk of a wide range of medical conditions, notably:
  • heart conditions, such as heart attack and high blood pressure
  • metabolic issues, including diabetes and obesity
  • brain conditions, such as dementia and stroke
  • liver problems, which include nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

So my concern is not just this incredibly ignorant statement that kids can have 2 sodas a day, but rather that the media would choose someone who, most likely, has had no courses in nutrition and who is certainly not keeping up with current research.

How is this person I heard on the radio a “health expert”?

Unfortunately, doctors are often “sickness experts”. When I read or listen to “ health experts” often I want to scream. The statements they issue are most often pointing us toward illness rather than wellness.

So before following this type of advice either do your own homework or check in with us.

All of our doctors have had many courses in nutrition and wellness and love keeping up with the current research.

Remember, we don’t benefit in any way by making you or keeping you sick (but the “sickness experts” might).

Let’s keep your kids happy and healthy. Water is always the best choice for your kids!

Dr. Julia Keiser  
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