If you are like me, summer is a time I loosen my tight reins on nutrition and indulge. I’ve gained a few pounds after a summer of barbecues and ice cream.

September and January are always new start times for me. Maybe that is because I have been in school for much of my life.

That’s all well and good for a little while but now that it’s September, it is time to get back to good nutritional habits before they get out of hand. I want to set the tone for a day of healthful eating BEFORE the holidays are upon us!

One of the best tools I have in my wellness tool belt is our nutritional cleanse system.

Cleansing helps me drop the summer pounds, increases my energy and clarity and cuts my sugar cravings (which is great to do before the holidays are here!)

And our cleansing system is so easy to follow.

Many of you have done the program too (as have most of our staff) and know how easy and effective it is.

If you are interested in getting started on a healthy start for fall, and dropping weight before the holidays, ask Dr. Keiser or Dr. Harris for more details.

You can also join us October 4th – Thursday night at 6:00 for a Sip and Sample evening. Yum! Not only does it taste great, it makes you feel terrific and well, you’ll lose some weight too.

Call us and find out more. (614) 848-5211

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