Allergy Relief

Allergies are prevalent in our area.

Symptoms show up as rashes, sniffles, red eyes, coughing, sneezing, wheezing and a plethora of others.

Most current treatments deal with the symptoms rather than dealing with the underlying cause.

We use the latest technology known to help alleviate the symptoms of allergies.

Energy Medicine Meets Functional Medicine

A cold laser system integrates the best practices used in laser therapy and acupoint stimulation.

BioLight Technologies Aura PTL II therapy leverages the power of lasers in “Low-Level Laser Therapy,” or LLLT, to support our bodies’ innate ability to create healing and wellness.

Low-Level Laser Therapy is a proven technology, backed by research and most importantly, results.

Laser Therapy:

Laser light applied to the body at specific points has been clinically proven to have powerful healing effects for a wide range of issues.  It is totally safe for all ages and highly effective.  Healing frequencies are carried to the cells of the body through the laser which communicates with the Central Nervous System in a unique way; retraining the body to do what it was made to do naturally, causing the release of natural chemicals which reduce stress and promote healing on many levels.

Acupoint Stimulation:

Acupoints are where peripheral nerves enter a muscle or where the nerve joins with the bone.  When they are stimulated, as with a laser, they activate the meridian or the body’s energetic system, to bring about relief,  balancing and promoting healing.

Stress is often caused by an inappropriate neurological reaction to environmental triggers, sometimes known as an allergy.  The AURA PTL II incorporates targeted stress-inducing substances into the light therapy which serve to break these negative associations and painlessly eliminates the debilitating symptoms caused by this response cycle.

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