Has the school nurse done a scoliosis check on the kids recently?

If they find a problem, they will refer you to an orthopedist for x-rays

If the doctor finds a curvature in the spine (called scoliosis), they will measure the angles and if it is under 40 degrees, you will be told to wait until it gets worse.

Then when it reaches the severity of over 40 degrees, they will recommend surgically inserting a rod into the spine.

Who thinks this is a good plan? Nobody of course!

If the nurse finds an issue, please let us take a look. Usually, the underlying cause is a misalignment and if balanced with some adjustments, the body will correct the curve.

Waiting for a problem is never a good solution. Unfortunately, that is how the medical system often works. If it’s not too bad, just wait it out! 

At Worthington Optimal Wellness, we believe in catching a problem or symptom early or preventing it all together!

And come on… inserting a rod should be the last case scenario, not the first choice.

If we can help, we will tell you; if we can’t we will tell you that too.

We have a new computer system that will allow us to scan the spine and posture in 2 minutes.

So if the kids haven’t been checked or if there is an issue, stop in and we’ll check it out.

Give us a call to set up an appointment: (614) 848-5211.

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