The doctors and staff at Worthington Optimal Wellness are always prompt, personal and are community minded. They offer many treatment modalities. They have improved my quality of life.”
Cheryl Rakich, April 2017
The staff is very welcoming and knowledgeable! They’re happy to answer questions and suggest products without pushing.”
Christina Clark, March 2017
They are awesome! From the front desk to the doctors, they really care.”
Dawn R Nocera, March 2017
The staff is super friendly and accepting. They talk you through everything and answer any questions you have. I’ve only been going a couple weeks and have felt the world of a difference.”
Breanne Millfelt, March 2017
I have been a patient for numerous years and have only positive experiences to report. I’ve been adjusted by Drs. Kaiser, Shannon and Klein and received massage therapy services from Jessica, Beth, Ray and Mike…so I’ve seen pretty much seen everyone in action. As a practicing dentist, my back and neck are challenged on a daily basis and regular chiropractic therapy has kept me healthy and comfortable. I truly appreciate the entire team’s dedication to holistic health care.”
Rich DeLano, July, 2016

Dr Shannon and the staff do a great job. Friendly, responsive, efficient. It is a great experience overall”
Beth Garrett on 2016-10-29

Love WOW! I appreciate all the help Im getting from the Doctors and the office staff is wonderful.”
Gale Kaufman on 2016-10-23

I have a crazy work schedule and the staff and doctors have always gone out of there way to help. They always go above and beyond to ensure that I can see Dr. Shannon. I appreciate this very much. Thank You!!!!”
Anon on 2016-10-15

Awesome staff at the desk. Carol, Paula and Christie have all been there for awhile and I trust them with all my many questions. Honest and professional but not pushy. Dr Kline is the best! A great addition to this office.”
David Chesser on 2016-10-14

I was very nervous coming for my first appointment, but the staff was friendly and made me feel relaxed.”
Julianne O’Donnell on 2016-10-06

I absolutely love everyone at Wow! The massage I had from Mike was amazing!”
Kathryn Flynn on 2016-10-02

I am improving with every visit. I like that my back pain is being managed without medication. The staff is friendly and upbeat, the visits are timely, efficient and effective. Thank you!”
Anon on 2016-09-30

Everyone is always kind, pleasant and very accommodating upon entering the wonderful office!”
Diane Engel on 2016-09-22

I have a crazy schedule but WOW always does their best to accommodate my last minute appts. The even better thing is that I always leave feeling better.”
Rosemary Mullen on 2016-09-12

The care given by Dr. Shannon is wonderful!! Thank you. Plus, I love the friendly staff!!”
by Taylor Kolon on 2016-09-02

Great people. I’m excited to see where this takes my health.”
by David Buschar on 2016-08-29

VERY PLEASED, AM CONFIDENT POSITIVE IMPROVEMENT WILL HAPPEN. Exercises are a little too fast, 3 new ones each week, and I have a bad ankle and week other leg. When I said something, they changed my schedule. Very professional and nice staff. I love WOW Everyone is very friendly. Dr. Klein is the best.”
by Anon on 2016-08-24

I love WOW Everyone is very friendly. Dr. Klein is the best.”
by Rosemary Mullen on 2016-08-21

I so appreciate Dr. Shannan and how he is helping me regain strength in my back.”
by Lillian Zarzar on 2016-08-15

Responsive, courteous, caring”
by Carole Dale on 2016-08-10

This is what WOW does — you crawl in and skip out. I injured myself so badly I couldn’t even get to WOW for a couple of weeks. Yesterday, after seeing Ray and Dr. Keiser it felt like a miracle. Amazing Grace! The intelligence, the compassion, the sincere commitment they give is a gift that nourishes your body and soul. I am so grateful and feel so much better today. Thank you so much!”
 by David Buschar on 2016-08-07

Very good”
by Anon on 2016-08-05

Love how quickly I can get in and out.”
by Aleta Frye on 2016-08-03

Professional and friendly atmosphere”
by Rosemary Mullen on 2016-07-31

I am so grateful that Dr. Shannon is helping me become pain free!

      by Vincent Cahill on 2016-07-30

Courteous service, improved the condition of my back.

      by Kenna Linn on 2016-06-21

The entire team was friendly and worked to fit me in the schedule upon hearing I had been in a recent car accident. I appreciated their care and empathy in regards to my pain level. I also appreciate how they work to accommodate patuents based upon individual preferences for learning about their treatment.

      by Rosemary Mullen on 2016-06-18

All office staff make me feel so welcome and Dr. Shannon is the best!

      by Carole Dale on 2016-06-18

Always excellent in every regard – I say this based on years of being treated at WOW. When you walk into the door it is like a warm embrace and after my treatment I walk out feeling brand new!

      by Anon on 2016-06-02


      by Willie Robinson on 2016-05-31

Worthington Optimal Wellness is a dream come true everyone there is SO wonderful . , I am doing just FINE thanks to Worthington Optimal Wellness If someone says my Back hurts I WOULD TELL him or her , GO TO

Worthington Optimal Wellness .My wife gets treated at Worthington Optimal Wellness also We LOVE EVERYONE THERE

      by Susan Rabold on 2016-05-24

I’ve really never had an experience that wasn’t excellent. You always are greeted warmly and treated professionally and kindly. Scheduling and payments are done efficiently and timing. Dr. Kaiser is the best – knowledgeable, decisive, and gracious – always wanting/treating you by what’s best for you.

      by Linda Meister on 2016-05-20

As always, no problems. On time, friendly staff, and Dr. Keiser will take the time to address any issues you may have.

      by Jennifer Wene on 2016-05-17

Always treated well. I leave better than I came.

      by Cheryl Culp-Campbell on 2016-05-08

Friendly smiling faces always.

      by Rosemary Mullen on 2016-05-07

I am so much better for coming to WOW!

      by Anon on 2016-05-03

I could not be happier with my care and the staff at WOW. Being in the medical profession, I did not realize how little I understood about the benefits of chiropractic and wellness services overall.

      by Carrie Love on 2016-05-03

Excellent care was given to all my needs.

      by Nancy Hughes on 2016-04-22

I love WOW – always get in quickly, very friendly staff, Dr. Shannon is wonderful. I noticed yesterday, though, kind of a backlog of people waiting and a lot of milling around of patients, compared to usual. Probably just a isolated thing, and maybe training new people behind the desk. Overall, lots of patients is probably an indicator of a healthy business, which is good, of course. Just thought I’d mention it.

      by Catherine Thompson on 2016-04-20

Dr. Klein was great – addressed my issues and I definitely felt better as soon as she finished my adjustment. Looking forward to my next appointment.

      by Anon on 2016-04-19

Everything at Worthington Optimal Wellness is WONDERFUL , The ladies at the front desk are just wonderfful , It is like deal with your family, Everyone cares about YOU (your back , your day at work etc)Thank You Worthington Opitmal Wellness for EVERYTHING

      by Rosemary Mullen on 2016-04-16

I feel so much better than when I started the adjustments. I also feel good about the exercises they have taught me.

      by Anon on 2016-04-14

I often go straight to Carol w any questions. She always handles things perfectly. On the other hand, the newest girl you hired doesn’t seem so happy. The rest of you are so upbeat and personal. I’m sure she will warm up but she certainly doesn’t fit with the rest of you girls. Just had to say.

      by Kathleen Riebel on 2016-04-05

It was a wonderful and pleasant visit! I was warmly welcomed at the front desk by Paula, and then taken to an exam room where I watched a several minute video about chiropractic care, which was very informative. The office manager, Carol, is a friend and she stopped by to say hi and check on me! Dr. Shannon is just great, very pleasant, thorough and knowledgeable. I feel like I am in great hands with this group!

      by Anon on 2016-04-02


      by Willie Robinson on 2016-03-30

Wonderful, Wonderful ,Wonderful , EVERYONE there has a SPECIAL place in my Heart because he or she is helping me get back to doing things I took for granted (walking or running) Thank You soooo much

      by Rosemary Mullen on 2016-03-26

I appreciate the level of care given by Dr.Shannon and I appreciate the kindness of all of the staff!

      by Anon on 2016-03-24

Great staff and I felt well taken care of during the entire process.

      by Anon on 2016-03-18

Dr. Shannon is the best!! I would recommend him to anyone in need of a chiropractic adjustment

      by Colleen Cipicchio on 2016-03-14

This practice is excellent. The front desk staff are so kind. Their spirit is contagious! The doctors are knowledgeable, they do not rush you out the door. You feel like they are listening to YOU and addressing your specific issues, which is why you are there in the first place. I highly recommend Worthington Optimal Wellness. My family and I have been patients for over 5 years. Mike and Jessie the massage therapists have heavenly fingers!

      by Willie Robinson on 2016-03-14

Wonderful everyone really care about YOU .You are not a number or next one up , You are a person in PAIN & NEED HELP THANK YOU so much

      by Anon on 2016-03-12

They provide a good care

      by Anon on 2016-03-08

Great chiropractic care.

      by Anon on 2016-03-05

I am very impressed with the thoroughness of my initial exam. Thank you

      by Colleen Cipicchio on 2016-03-05

As always, gives undivided attention uniquely to my needs.

      by Anon on 2016-03-04

everyone is very nice

      by Anon on 2016-03-01

Excellent caring service

      by Mary Hart on 2016-02-28

Thanks for thinking of me.

      by Anon on 2016-02-24

Doctors and staff are all very friendly and professional. Very good at what they do and always willing to answer questions. They’ve really helped my back pain!

      by Anon on 2016-02-18 Love the team! Everybody, Thanks!       by Corey Keller on 2016-02-12

very nice customer service. many services offered.

      by Gale Kaufman on 2016-02-10

I was experiencing new symptoms with my neck and shoulder and called to get in with Dr. Shannon. He was able to see me right away and make the correct adjustment. I am feeling much better and pain is gone. thanks for the help.

      by Anon on 2016-02-06

One of the best experiences I have had. Staff was extremely friendly and put you at ease the minute you walked in. The doctor took a great deal of time examining and explaining the diagnosis. As a fellow medical practitioner, I hope people come away from my office feeling the same way.

Thanks again for the wonderful service! As a first time chiropractic patient and P.I. case…I was nervous to say the least. But the entire staff…front desk ladies, Dr. Shannon, aND Jesse (my message therapist); my treatment is moving along and I’m finally feeling better.

      by Anon on 2016-01-16

Thanks again for the wonderful service! As a first time chiropractic patient and P.I. case…I was nervous to say the least. But the entire staff…front desk ladies, Dr. Shannon, aND Jesse (my message therapist); my treatment is moving along and I’m finally feeling better.

      by Jacob Marenberg on 2016-01-14

Great experience Dr. Shannan took great care of me.

      by Brandi Williams on 2016-01-06

I have been dealing with doctors telling me there is nothing I can do for my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. For the first time since 2000 I feel like I have finally found a place that is going to care about me as real person. I’m almost scared that it’s too good to be true!

      by Steve Mullaney on 2016-01-05

Always a great experience with you. Very efficient and accomidating . Thank you for the continued care.

      by Sharon Beach on 2016-01-01

Every time I see Dr.Shannon, I know I will have a better day. He always enters the room with a smile and genuinely cares about how I feel. I appreciate him vey much.

      by Rachel Schank on 2015-12-30

What a pleasant environment and knowledgeable staff. Everyone communicated so well, I always knew what to expect and the transitions from staff to doctor were seamless.

Depends what doctor will work with you. Some are very attentive.

      by Anon on 2015-12-29

Depends what doctor will work with you. Some are very attentive.

      by Anon on 2015-12-28

I really enjoy going to the chiropractor. The staff greets me with a smile when I come in and is always super nice! The doctors are great. Tell them where I hurt, they help me out. They also listen to my needs! Cannot ask for a better practice!

      by Patricia Derdzinski on 2015-12-27

My experience as a patient has been exceptional. Dr. Keiser explains the process as she works with me, and the staff is friendly. They are so understanding, and flexible, and I had to reschedule my appointments around during the day, and it was never a problem for them. I would recommend this practice to everybody.

      by Susan Rabold on 2015-12-22

I always feel I am in good hands as soon as I walk in the door. The front office staff are welcoming and efficient. The chiropractors are pleasant, knowledgeable and focus on improving my spinal needs. While being friendly, they are most professional. I’m thankful that WOW was recommended to me. If you have back issues, do not hesitate to call, make an appointment and go in to be evaluated. They are very honest and will only take you as a patient if they believe and know they can help you. Don’t wish you had; be glad you did! Call ASAP!

      by Terry Hughes on 2015-12-16

Thank you Dr. Kiser. My knee/leg feels as good as new!!!!

      by Anon on 2015-12-16


      by Mary Hart on 2015-12-12

As good as always.

      by Anon on 2015-12-10

Friendliest staff and doctors on earth! And now are giving my son the most positive experience also.

      by Carrie Love on 2015-12-06

Very friendly and informative. Wildly to help in any way possible.

      by Anon on 2015-12-04

Still very happy with my overall service. Very happy with Dr. Shannon’s work after my accident.

      by Carl Ash on 2015-11-21

W.O.W has been a major part of my life for many years now. I have major back trouble resulting from a major auto wreck. I have gone and seen Dr. Shannon for many years now and due to my pain levels, I can tell if I have not seen him for awhile. W.O.W has allowed me to live my life without severe pain. I thank them and am very satisfied with the continual care I receive. If you have any types of muscle pain or headaches I would greatly suggest a visit to see KJ or one of the massage therapists on staff. I think

W.O.W. is exactly that! WOW!!!

      by Amanda Rango on 2015-11-20 Wonderful, friendly office with great doctors

      by Anon on 2015-11-19

Dr Julia Keiser is amazing. She is a miracle worker as far as I’m concerned. I’m still highly active and athletic at 63 thanks to her care. And the entire staff is warm and caring. Awesome.

      by Anon on 2015-11-19

Mike is an outstanding professional, with a special ability to identify and deal with specific problems. He is also very kind; clearly the best. Thanks.

      by Laura Staley on 2015-11-17

Dr. Shannon is wonderful, thorough, thoughtful, kind, and wise. I hadn’t been in awhile and his thorough adjustments made a positive difference. I will be back and on schedule going forward because I feel even better after an adjustment. It’s important since I enjoying dancing, yoga, and triathlons! Thank you, Dr. Shannon!

      by Lucy Stanley on 2015-11-15

Wanted you to know that I am on a very good schedule with Dr. Keiser for adjustments once a week and also do have massages twice a month with Mike. My back feels great! The girls at the front desk are always helpful and friendly to me. Getting appointments at the office are easy and flexible for me. I feel good health is very important!

      by Lauren Bailey on 2015-11-12

First visit and first time chiropractic patient. After being involved in a car accident I was recommended by a co-worker. I saw Dr. Shannon. The entire process was explained very well by the ladies upfront, all eager to greet me. I received a tour of the practice, watched a video, and was treated promptly. I just had my second visit today to go over my scans in depth…and so I could understand. While I have many sessions to go…I am happy I choose W.O.W.

      by Mary Hart on 2015-11-12

Dr. KJ has magic hands. Always get relief and it is so enjoyable visiting with the staff.


      by Anon on 2015-10-30

My first appointment experience was great. Wonderful friendly people, welcoming environment & great patient care and treatment. Looking forward to my continued treatment to help with my pain management!!

      by Sally Byrd on 2015-10-27

I am feeling more discomfort after each of my visits than when I came in Monday. Do I have to feel worse before I feel better?

      by Linda Higgins on 2015-10-21


      by Stephanie Tozbikian on 2015-10-18

Professional. Clean. Prompt. Educational.

      by Brett Throne on 2015-10-14

Very nice staff — felt important and not rushed.

      by Stacy Wendt on 2015-10-09

Had been some confusion on my appointment, but they stepped up quickly  and fixed. I saw Rita for acupuncture that day, despite confusion. She was fantastic. I’m feeling better already and look forward to visiting again next week.

      by Georganne Martin on 2015-10-01

As usual, Dr. Shannon worked on me and I feel much better, less dizzy. Thank you very much!!!!

      by Jeff Heindrichs on 2015-10-01

The staff is friendly and very accommodating when scheduling!

      by Susan Rabold on 2015-09-30

There’s something positive to say about a business when you arrive a little early and are back in your car to leave when it’s just the time you were to have your appointment. There is hardly ever any wait time. Efficiency with kindness!

      by Leonard Bradley on 2015-09-26

Their holistic approach to health is exactly what has been missing in my life.

      by Donna Miller on 2015-09-24

I have been going to WOW for the better part of 15 years and my husband for the last couple of years. The staff is cheerful and moves appointments along so there is very little wait. Dr Shannon’s skill at keeping us in-line and walking tall is much appreciated!!

The entire staff is incredibly welcoming and professional. They do a great job of educating you on what the problem is, steps to take for treatment, and even billing information. I look forward to future visits here.

      by Vivian Edoja on 2015-09-16

The entire staff is incredibly welcoming and professional. They do a great job of educating you on what the problem is, steps to take for treatment, and even billing information. I look forward to future visits here.

      by Lucy Stanley on 2015-09-11

The adjustments once a week and massages twice a month make me feel wonderful I am on a good schedule with Dr. Keiser and Mike. Ladies at front desk are always helpful and courteous every time I visit the office. You are all doing a great job! Lucy

      by Mary Hart on 2015-09-03

As nice as ever.

      by Anon on 2015-08-22

Caring staff, very professional and thorough. They identified my problems and set up a treatment schedule that was convenient for me. I had quite a bit of pain relief after just one visit. I will definitely recommend WOW.

      by Allen Iacobucci on 2015-08-21

Awesome place! Staff is wonderful, courteous, and well educated! Highly recommended!

      by Linda Meister on 2015-08-19

Good, as always

      by Susan Rabold on 2015-08-13

Sometimes I am in and out before my scheduled appointment. The office angels are sooo nice and very efficient. Dr. Keiser has a specific plan for me and I always feel confident and safe in her hands. If you are thinking of trying chiropractic, STOP right now – JUST CALL AND DO IT! NOW

      by Charles Jaquier on 2015-07-25

By far the nicest people I have ever encountered. Everyone was so amazing. Receptionist knew everyone who entered by name, x-ray technician was extremely friendly and Dr. Shannon was WONDERFUL. Cannot speak highly enough about how enjoyable my experience was.

      by Dale Kocarek on 2015-07-23

I have always enjoyed going to Worthington Optimal Wellness for adjustements. Through the the last five years, they have helped me a lot and i have learned a lot about good health.

Beth was very personable. She also seemed very knowledgeable.An enjoyable experience.

      by Linda Higgins on 2015-07-11

Beth was very personable. She also seemed very knowledgeable.An enjoyable experience.

      by Mary Hart on 2015-07-09

Wonderful as usual.

      by Patsy Hicks on 2015-07-02


      by Susan Rabold on 2015-07-01

It’s always GREAT! Everyone is pleasant and interested in you. Very accommodating good!

Great care!

      by Jenny Sloas on 2015-06-27

Great care!

      by Kathy Scott on 2015-06-22

The staff is most friendly and welcoming; I appreciate the short educational videos and solid explanations. Dr. Shannon has the healer’s touch! I had immediate relief.

      by Anon on 2015-06-21

Cannot say enough about the front end staff. Always smiling! Carol has helped me many times and always has kind words and is so reassuring – she keeps me coming back!

      by Anon on 2015-06-18

very friendly staff- comfortable surroundings – short wait time, if any

      by Linda Meister on 2015-06-02

Good, as always!

      by Anon on 2015-05-29

Always so helpful and easy to work with to reschedule appointments. Never have to wait long when I’m there too!

      by Susan Vargo on 2015-05-27 Love the staff and Dr. Keiser is the best.       by Scott Colombini on 2015-05-23

Dr. Shannon was great. Staff was very courteous. The only problem will be scheduling with my new hours. However, I will find a way one way or another.

      by Ximena Esguerra on 2015-05-19

I was very impressed with the genuine care the doctor showed for my concern. I also think that the imaging that you do will be very helpful to determine the correct treatment.

      by Susan Rabold on 2015-05-19

Efficiency with kindness. Dr. alludes competence/confidence with adjustments!

      by Linda Meister on 2015-05-06

Good, as always! Staff very friendly and helpful.

      by Anon on 2015-05-04

The staff at Worthington Optimal Wellness took time to listen to concerns and address the issues that were important to me. It was very refreshing to interact with a team of healthcare professionals where I didn’t feel as if I was a “billing” but rather an actual personal who matters. Furthermore it was a refreshing change to feel as if I was actually part of the treatment being planned. The Worthington Optimal Wellness team was courteous and attentive and truly cared about the level of comfort I had with the treatment being recommended and provided. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering chiropractic care as part of their overall health and wellness routine.

      by Susan Rabold on 2015-04-28

The staff is always so welcoming and, as I usually feel good going in, I am confident of Dr. Kaiser and know I am in good hands. I appreciate you all – you’re the best!

      by Chester Miner on 2015-04-24

I think you should offer ultra sound service to patients that want it. Without this service, I cannot truly recommend you as the best chiropractic option. Chet Miner

      by Dana Loyer on 2015-04-17

I really liked how Dr. Bennett did a full exam before adjusting me. The information she got from my xrays and neurological tests really impressed me. I walked out feeling so much better than when i walked in.

      by Anon on 2015-04-16

Excellent front desk staff. Love Dr Bennett and Dr Shannon

      by Nancy Zangmeister on 2015-04-16

The staff made me feel welcome and Dr. Keiser spent time listening to me.

      by Lucy Stanley on 2015-04-10

I have been going to see Dr. Keiser since 2011. It sure helps me to go every week for an adjustment. Do feel much better after seeing her. All the outstanding staff is very helpful and courteous. Do go to see Dr. Shannon when Dr. Keiser is out of town No problem getting an appointment each week. I look forward to having a relaxing massage with Mike twice a month! Keep up the excellent work! Lucy

      by Clara Balliet on 2015-03-27

Very pleasd with the service I got from the chiropractor I worked with. She was very gentle, attentive, and professional. I was told by the receptionist I called earlier that I would be able to fill the forms out electronically and email them in. It turns out their technology is not as adept as their doctors. After the trouble of filling them out at home In advance and emailing, I had to fill out the form again in paper. Just didn’t like having my time wasted that way. The receptionist was pleasant about it though…

      by Robby Hawse on 2015-03-26

We always receive the best care here! Dr. Shannon and his staff are so kind and accommodating. We recommend Worthington Optimal Wellness to EVERYONE we know.

      by Anon on 2015-03-25

I have to admit that I was skeptical, at best, when I first started going to WOW. Now – I’m not. Everything about WOW is warm and inviting. My pain is at a minimum and I actually look forward to my “adjustments”. Thank you WOW

As always.

      by Mary Hart on 2015-03-21

As always.

      by Kenneth Boser on 2015-03-21

Everyone was very nice and very thorough. Went for a review of my back/sciatic pain and have an appointment set up on Monday for all the information. Very happy with everyone I met.

      by Dora White on 2015-03-12

Very pleased as a new patient with the level of professionalism. The doctor explained all the x-rays and procedures in depth. Very glad my husband and myself switched over to Worthington Optimal Wellness.

      by Robert Cooperman on 2015-03-10

it was terrible! Dr Bennett mixing me up with her fiance. I tried to tell her I wasn’t that Robert, but she insisted on calling me “Robby Bobby Bobby Bobby Bobby Bobby Boo.” then she complained that the diamond ring I got her was too small. Typical woman.

      by Anon on 2015-03-08

Always a great experience!

      by Mary Hart on 2015-02-26


      by Dora White on 2015-02-13

very pleasant first experience. looking forward to my next adjustment.

      by Anon on 2015-02-10

The staff went out of their way to make me comfortable. Exceeded my expectations

      by Anon on 2015-02-07

Fabulous Front desk staff!

      by Jessica Billenstein on 2015-01-26

Everyone at Worthington Optimal Wellness was extremely helpful, kind, and sympathetic. They squeezed me in last minute and were more than accommodating. I would recommend this place in a heartbeat.

      by David Marshall on 2015-01-23

Great service and treatment.

      by Anon on 2015-01-19

The office runs smoothly – always well organized, efficient and easy to work with. All doctors are friendly and easy to work with.

      by Judith Margaroli on 2015-01-19

Myself and my family have been a patient of Worthington Optimal Wellness for many years. It starts with the outstanding font desk staff that always greets you with a smile. DR. Keiser, Dr. Shannan, Dr. Bennett are Masters of Chiropractic and are not just incredible professional but also wonderful humanbeings that care tremendously about their patients. We recommend Worthington Optimal Wellness in a heartbeat.

      by Ann Morrison on 2015-01-16

The staff was extremely helpful and kind. The practice is extremely welcoming and I felt comfortable from the start. I’ve never been under Chiropractic care before so I was a little nervous and apprehensive but all my worries were gone as soon as I walked in the door. Dr. Shannan made me feel at ease and had a lot of good insight already, even after my first visit!

      by Mary Hart on 2015-01-15

Wonderful as always.

      by Bradley Harshaw on 2015-01-12

The Team and Doctors at Worthington Optimal Wellness are the Best! Customer Service, Education, and Commitment to the patient is well above the norm!

      by Anon on 2015-01-10

My initial experience was extremely positive in every way, from my scheduling an appointment through meeting my new doctor and completing a diagnostic evaluation. I felt cared for and immediately “at home” in an environment that is warm, welcoming, and competent. Top notch!

      by Catherine Thompson on 2015-01-06

Great so far. Wasn’t kept waiting. Reception staff were warm and welcoming. Nice offices. Dr. Kaiser was very personable, as was the lady who did my x-rays. I go back tomorrow for my first adjustment.

      by Anon on 2015-01-03

Fabulous, as always!

      by David Marshall on 2015-01-01

Fantastic operation and very friendly

      by Angela Christianson on 2014-12-24

I had been suffering from migraines, losing a lot of productivity at work. I was getting migraines 3 to 4 times a week. After my first adjustment at WOW, I have not had a migraine since. The staff is professional and friendly and really has your best interest in mind. I have never felt pressured to do anything I didn’t want to do or to buy something I don’t need. I am grateful to WOW and Dr. Shannan for helping me get my life/productivity back.

      by Lucy Stanley on 2014-12-22

My back and neck have felt so much better each week when I come in for an adjustment . All the girls at the desk are so friendly and helpful too. I real look forward to my relaxing massages with Mike twice a month. Just wanted you to know that I am very happy with your chiropractic practice!!

      by Mary Hart on 2014-12-18

Excellent as always.

      by David Marshall on 2014-12-10

Wonderfully, as I expected

      by Linda Meister on 2014-12-09

Dr. Keiser takes the time to explain when needed…..

      by Anon on 2014-12-09

I have had gently positive adjustments from all three doctors. All staff are friendly and wonderful to work with.

      by Arthur Timms on 2014-12-06

Very professional.

      by Marilyn Gleich on 2014-12-02

This place is amazing if you are interested in good health for the whole body…..always welcoming…great folks …from the front desk, the administration and the docs..keep up the great work!

      by Michelle Jacobson on 2014-11-22

Always feel welcomed by the staff and intrigued with the information provided in the waiting area. Always something new at WOW and ALWAYS great care from the doctors. Although I no longer live in the Columbus area, I ALWAYS make it a priority to coordinate a checkup and treatment from this professional team of healthcare providers.

      by Sandra Simpson on 2014-11-21

I visited Dr. Kaiser today for my regular appointment. On Monday, I shoveled and swept the heavy snow. My back hurt all week. I went to Mike yesterday and got a massage (which was wonderful) and my back felt a lot better, but some pain was still there. Today, I told Dr. Kaiser what I did and that I had a massage but it was still hurting some. She did some adjustment to my back and my pain was gone. If you hurt your back in any way, I recommend a massage and an adjustment. It works!!

      by Mary Hart on 2014-11-20

excellent as always

Felt better after only the first few visits. Very professional and competent. Friendly and helpful staff.

      by Peter Miller on 2014-10-31

Felt better after only the first few visits. Very professional and competent. Friendly and helpful staff.

      by Anon on 2014-10-27

Very friendly staff and doctors. It was my initial visit and they were very efficient with all the different procedures performed.

      by Mary Hart on 2014-10-26

As always, had an enjoyable appointment

      by Mary Pheanis on 2014-10-24

Great staff, all are friendly and quick to respond to my needs. I have been coming to Julia for over 20 years and I trust her completely for my chiropractic care . I just recently had a deep tissue massage by Ray for my back with great results.

      by Bonnie Dadou on 2014-10-21

The best Chiropractor; a true healer.

      by Rosemary Pomeroy on 2014-10-21

Dr. Keiser and Shannan are very good. I would recommend them. With the number of chiropractic visits required, I would like to get through chiropractic treatment without thinking about moving on to other things like acupuncture, use of medigenics products etc.

      by Rick Sliger on 2014-10-15

I’ve been a patient of Dr.Keiser for many years, and plan to continue. She always seems to know exactly how to adjust me. I always feel better after visiting Dr. Julia.

      by Terry Hughes on 2014-10-03

Absolutely wonderful. Came home, took a nice little nap. Excited to see how I sleep tonight.

      by Chester Miner on 2014-09-15

I am new to this office and I can honestly say that they really make you feel like the “Customer”. I started treatments because my neck was in constant pain. After a few treatments my neck pain has subsided and I feel great.

      by Chester Miner on 2014-09-06

I have been having neck pain for several months and it was affecting my golf swing. Kathyrn Bennett gave me two adjustments this week. After the adjustments I went out and enjoyed the best round of golf I have played in more than two months – shot a 76.

      by Anna Pawlowski on 2014-09-05

The staff were all very welcoming and knowledgeable.

      by Dawn Nocera on 2014-08-29

I love visiting Dr. Bennett. The staff is great! And I’m so happy to be able to look over my shoulder with ease and to have so much more freedom to do things I enjoy without those little pains.

      by Mary Hart on 2014-08-28

excellent as always

      by Diane Engel on 2014-08-20

I am so thankful that a friend led me to WOW and I have been a patient of Dr. Keiser’s since 2005. She has helped me through many difficult back and spine issues and I still get regular adjustments to keep me from slipping back into more problems. I also get theraputic massages which combined with adjustments are so helpful. The entire staff is kind, sincere and friendly and I am happy to see another Dr. in Julia Keiser’s absense. I have a crazy schedule but they are always as accomodating as possible. I am a heallthier, a happier person thanks to WOW. Thank You!!

      by Lea Maceyko on 2014-08-16

Dr Shannon is an amazing healer. I’m sure blessed to have found him.

      by Lucy Stanley on 2014-08-14

I am on a great schedule with adjustment every week with Dr, Keiser also massage with Mike every other week. The massage with Mike is so relaxing! I do feel wonderful after every visit. All the girls at front desk are very helpful and courteous with me when I walk in the door each week.

      by MaryAnn Mowery on 2014-08-12

I love coming to the office. Everyone is so welcoming and caring. The officestaff iswonderful. The health care is excellent. Thank you!

      by Patricia Stegman on 2014-08-08

I got caught in traffic yesterday and even though as was late the ladies never treat me any different and I still get in to be seen in a timely fashion!!

      by Susan Horton on 2014-08-07

Wonderful experience! All staff greets you by name! Great treatment by Dr. Keiser! Very helpful suggestions on optimal health practices! Always look forward to my appointments! Thank goodness, insurance companies are willing to help cover the costs, too!

      by Nancy Steck on 2014-07-30

Mike Kay was terrific and I definitely felt better after my massage. The office staff is always wonderful!

      by Michelle Jacobson on 2014-07-20

ALWAYS worth the drive to get here. Got some excellent advice from Dr. Keiser about specific weight bearing exercises to add to my routine and it’s a bonus to be able to pick up some Isagenix products at the counter.

      by Jennifer Noble on 2014-07-17

Dr. Shannon is the best! Already feeling better.

      by Anon on 2014-07-05

Desk staff is always so friendly — like to a party.

      by Mary Hart on 2014-07-03

Always feel better physically after my adjustment.

      by Michelle Jacobson on 2014-06-29

Excellent medical care by competent, experienced and compassionate doctors. The welcoming team of friendly and helpful staff are a plus. When I walk out, I think to myself…”WOW…I feel better” and smile at knowing that Worthington Optimal Wellness is perfecting named!

      by Anon on 2014-06-28

The entire staff at WOW is by far the best! They definitely bring back the care in Healthcare and always make sure you needs are met!

      by Barbara Hutchinson on 2014-06-28

Always a great experience!

      by Mary Hart on 2014-06-23

All visits are always enjoyable. Look forward to my appointments to see the wonderful staff and the doctors.

      by Sandra Weisner on 2014-06-22

I am very pleased with WOW. Your staff is a joy to work with and I appreciate the willingness to accommodate my particular needs. I love Dr. Bennett, she is very gentle and caring and my treatments had an effect on me from day one. I am very happy that I found Worthington Optimal Wellness. Blessings, Rev. Sandra Weisner

      by Donn Griffith on 2014-06-02

Great staff, skilled Chiropractors make every visit worthwhile.

      by Carole Dale on 2014-05-14

I so appreciate the extra efforts the staff cheerfully did to sort out an insurance issue. Always positive at WOW!!

      by Janet McMullen on 2014-05-10

I am feeling great improvement in my back in just a few short weeks & some in my neck. Even though I have to go several times a week, each apt only takes only a short time, in & out. I am so glad I started the process.

      by Christina Russell on 2014-05-08

Fabulous experience as always!

      by Nancy Bowen on 2014-05-01

Everyone front desk is so friendly and nice. Dr. Shannon is also great, best chiro in town. I feel better knowing everyone wants the best for you.

      by Ray Ryan on 2014-04-24

I am pleased to provide feedback regarding WOW services. I have been a client of WOW for 9 months. Overview of services. 1. The chiropractic services are, “in a word” Awesome! There are 3 Doctors of Chiropractic and all three are great, albeit, with differences. Each are skilled, knowledgeable and caring, with their own personal touch. As you can see, I am a fan of this practice. 2. Often the most important part of a Dr.’s visit is not the Dr. but the attending staff. At WOW I feel the quality of WOW staff approaches that of the worlds best hotels (Ritz Carlton Hotel in Jamaica and the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. Yes they are serious about customer service and continuous improvement and it shows! You will be greeted by your name and a welcoming smile when you step up to the front desk. Both the front and back office people are friendly, very responsive and quite competent.

While I am not usually so effusive about businesses I have been won over by this group of professionals.

      by Lin Smirniotopoulos on 2014-04-24

Ok so far so good.. Been to WOW 3 times and a little early to give a complete review… The staff has been so kind and connect very well to each

person .. My care seems to be in good hands ( no pun intended ) … Feeling a little more pain relief On each visit. In other words i can only get better…

Thanks for helping me on the road to wellness…

      by Lucy Stanley on 2014-04-23

I do feel great after getting an adjustment each week. Also I get a relaxing massage with mike every other week. Dr. Keiser has me on a good schedule coming in every week therefore my back feels wonderful after each visit. The staff is very friendly to me when I come in the door. They really care about each and every patient. Keep up the excellent work!! Lucy

      by Melissa Theis on 2014-04-22

I had a wonderful experience. Staff was very professional and courteous. My doctor was willing to work with my difficult work schedule to get me back in the next day to review results. I am thankful I found them and I have a high level of confidence in their ability to address my problem and pain.

      by Steve Putka on 2014-04-15

This was my first visit. Staff were very friendly and professional, and I received excellent quality care.

      by Mary Hart on 2014-04-12

Dr. KJ did an excellent job of adjusting as usual. The adjustment relieved the extreme pain I had in my right hip. Now I’m just tender and sore. Thank you.

      by Muriel Keith on 2014-04-03

Overall my experience was good but there were a few things that could be improved. I feel that there was a little bit of confusion regarding my

appointment as I was told that I was going to see one doctor and then told I would be seeing another doctor. I do not have a doctor preference but I thought that was odd. Also, my appt was at 3:15p but I wasn’t seen until closer to 4pm. I am not sure if it is common to have an initial appt and to have to come in at a separate visit to go over radiographs/muscle testing results and for the first adjustment (hopefully)

      by Yolanda Tolson on 2014-03-27

The entire staff was very friendly and helpful. Doctor Keiser was very knowelable of my pain and expressed sincere concern for me. It was my intial visit and Iwill be returning for a strategy plan to get well. An overall pleasant experience.

      by Anon on 2014-03-26

Dr. Bennett is an outstanding professional. She listens, she cares, and she knows how to provide the right treatment. I feel immensely fortunate to have found her.

      by Matthew Cushwa on 2014-03-26

Always an amazing experience!

      by Judy Worley on 2014-03-19

A delightful staff.Everyone there masks you feel comfortable and confident in there efforts.

      by Elaine Kington on 2014-02-28

You guys are awesome! It’s obvious you all love what you do!

      by Carly McVey on 2014-02-21

Welcoming professional staff. Informative and respectful of patient perspective. Comfortable environment. Clearly a highly capable doctor and team.

      by William Montgomery on 2014-02-19

Punctual, friendly.

      by Anon on 2014-02-16

WOW is an extremely professional and friendly staff. All are very skilled and knowledgeable to do the best for anyone who enters through their doors. I have and will continue to recommend WOW.


      by Mary Solinger on 2014-02-14

All of my experiences at WOW have been great! My grandson is going and is being successfully treated for chronic ear issues (age 19 months). My husband has also recently began as a client for treatment of a chronic shoulder issue back from his days in the military. My latest service was a

massage given by Jessie which was absolutely fabulous. Without even telling her, she focused on major problem areas for me. Exquisite care and awesome people!

      by Carole Dale on 2014-02-12

Always leave feeling better. The staff are so welcoming and my treatment and conversations with Dr. Keiser always give my a lift!

      by Anthony Thompson on 2014-02-11

The adjustments performed by Dr. Bennett have improved my quality of life. My shoulder no longer limits my activities and knee pain is very much diminished – except when I aggravate the condition. Her professional yet informal approach and the attitude and helpfulness of the staff helps to make each visit pleasant. I am now a believer in chiropractic medicine and it only took 66 years.

Always warm and friendly when I walk in. Very personable and the chiropractors are always able to take their time and answer questions when you have them.

      by Anon on 2014-02-08

Always warm and friendly when I walk in. Very personable and the chiropractors are always able to take their time and answer questions when you have them.

      by Anon on 2014-02-07

I always feel a ton better when I walk out after my visit. The personel at this facility are the nicest people. Far more customer oriented than most businesses. You don’t feel like a number here. They really seem to treat you like they want to help and they care. I have recommended this wellness center to many of my friends.

      by Judith Margaroli on 2014-02-06

Called yesterday and asked to see DR. Shannon on short notice. The office staff was incledibly accommodating and made an appointment possible for me. The care that I and my family receive at Worthington Optimaol Wellness is exceptional. I would highly recoomend this practice to anybody.

      by Georganne Martin on 2014-02-05

Excellent as usual. I have not taken an Antibiotic in over 15 years. Chiropractic is the best way to go.

      by Rebecca Kitchen on 2014-02-05

Your office is always one of the most friendly I go to. Thanks for being understanding when I have to cancel my appt. due to bad weather. You are always accommodating.

      by Kim Stitzlein on 2014-01-31

While I feel this is a great place with great service, I sometimes feel pressured to make many more visits than I feel is necessary. Otherwise it is an excellent facility with great people.

      by Crimson Zarbaugh on 2014-01-31

I absolutely love the staff at WOW; they are always so upbeat and full of smiles. They remember your name, details of your life such as if you went on vacation, etc. which makes you feel as if you are among friends. The environment is very inviting. Dr. Bennett is amazing. I have suffered from headaches, low back issues, knee issues, shoulder issues, etc. Because of her I have been headache free for over a year and I am back to exercising with little to no pain. I would recommend WOW to anyone.

      by William Montgomery on 2014-01-24

Friendly, punctual, and they get results.

      by Anon on 2014-01-23

When I have an appointment I know I will be greeted and taken care of. I  like that I make my next appointment right then and not after I’ve been seen. I have received very good care and advice. I have continued to workout and I believe that I am feeling much better at 65 than I did at 55!

      by Anon on 2014-01-22

Overall, I think the facility is very nice and the staff is exceptionally friendly and welcoming. However, after numerous appointments, I realized everyone is friendly and knows your name because most people are in the office multiple times a week. Personally, I feel that the chiropractors at this practice don’t necessarily have a goal to get you feeling better quickly and would rather you come in multiple times a week for various treatments, which is not always costs effective. I got the impression that the chiropractors (at least the one I visited) were trying to “up-sell” and get me to make appointments for additional services that are not covered by insurance, rather than trying to get me adjusted and feeling good within a couple of weeks. For example, my chiropractor at this practice, recommended a series of over 50 adjustments in a 6 months span for me to be feeling no pain (and that’s 3 visits/week for the first 2 months). That doesn’t even include the other services that she suggested. Let alone, my issues, were not that severe (no disk or extreme spinal issues). So, with a co-pay, I’m sure you can imagine how pricey that would be. In talking to friends/family who go to other chiropractors, this doesn’t appear to be a standard and many chiropractors will work with you to feel better as quickly as possible, teach you the stretches/exercises to aid in recovery during your appointment, and not pressure you to keep a strict appointment catalog. I was warned about this practice and their billing practices from a former Anthem employee. While I did not have billing issues, I think prospective patients may want to beware of the recovery plans and extensive treatments that may be suggested.

      by Aimee Serafini on 2014-01-18

This was the most thorough initial chiropractic examination i’ve ever had. I appreciated the fact that Dr. Keiser was interested in my entire history which could have a bearing on my health (not just the alignment of my spine) and took the time to understand my goals and how I best understand things. The staff was so warm, and Carol especially made me feel like i was just hanging out with a friend whilst getting my digital xrays (very little radiation yay) and thermal scan. AND I’m super excited about the very reasonably priced mattress they recommended. I knew I needed a new one but was at a loss with what direction to go because I also am concerned about materials used and chemicals that are present in them. Dr. Keiser not only explained why it was a better mattress but also told me how she ditched her super expensive mattress (she’s tried them all) after sleeping on the one she recommends. She really walks her talk and has the coolest tools to make her even more effective. Very impressed.

      by Mary Hart on 2014-01-11 Always feel better after my appt. with Dr. KJ.

      by Ray Ryan on 2014-01-08

Well, I do not know anything much about chiropractic. But I do know a lot about customer service and feeling better. First I feel better than I have in 7 years. Each couple of weeks I can feel the improvement in both physical and mental health. Lots of good has resulted in my two months of participation. Next customer service. From the moment of my first visit until today I have been treated to extraordinary service and great professional care. That includes all the people from back office, exercise therapist, x-ray techs to the great Doctors. It especially includes the front office people that I see each visit. I just love these people and the warm welcome feeling I get each time I visit. I have stayed in some of the best 5 star hotels in the world and this team of people are among the best. In fact, I think a research article on “how” they maintain this level of personalization, and service should be the story. I am never this effusive about customer service but this takes the” brass ring” as far an I am concerned. Thank you all so much. Ray Ryan

      by Adrienne Allen on 2013-12-24

What a wonderful way to begin my Christmas Holidays……a superior massage with JESSICA ARNOLD!! I cannot wait to return.

      by Jerard Solinger on 2013-12-21

My visit was simply to purchase a Massage gift certificate. That was accomplished quickly and efficiently, I also had the chance to say “Hi” to old friends, including Dr. Julia.

      by Anon on 2013-12-18

Wonderful experience, would highly recommend.

      by Anon on 2013-12-17

The front desk staff is especially helpful and professional. I had a lot of questions and Carol answered them thoroughly. Doctors are great!

      by Anthony Thompson on 2013-12-17

Competent and caring.

      by Mary Hart on 2013-12-14 Always makes me feel good physically.

      by Hillary Brown on 2013-12-12

The staff and doctors make you feel so welcome. They learn your name after just one visit. They truly care about how you feel and how your progress is going. Going into the office truly makes my day every time.

I enjoy comming in for adjustments every two weeks and feel that I benefit greatly. Afterwards I walk more erect, and minor pains from arthritis in my feet and neck are lessened.

      by Donn Griffith on 2013-12-05

As always the highest quality service and I feel better

      by Russell Miller on 2013-11-24

It was awesome as always!!! Dr Bennett and staff are always great!!!

      by Anon on 2013-11-23

I already feel in good hands. Very good listeners all around.

      by Mary Hart on 2013-11-21

excellent as usual

      by Georganne Martin on 2013-11-19

Great adjustment! Felt warm last evening, which is the best sign to get means it was a good adjustment. Used to get the same results from Dr. Pierce himself.

      by Scot Hindall on 2013-11-17

The Doctors and staff are always friendly and concerned about my well being.

      by Anon on 2013-11-14

I enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care and recommend WOW to anyone seeking treatment for they will be satisfied here.

      by Anon on 2013-11-02

I was in town for two weeks and wanted a chiropractor I could trust and someone who would be eager to do a great job. This was not the case. My visits lasted a whole two minutes and I did not feel like the doctor examined me as thoroughly as possible. I did not feel any better after leaving the office, but that the trip there was a waste of time. I have been to better offices. The secretary staff was very friendly and accommodating.

      by Ray Ryan on 2013-11-02 Thorough, friendly, informed and courteous.       by Amanda Simons on 2013-11-02

My entire experience with Worthington Optimal Wellness has been fabulous. Everyone there is very friendly, and I started to feel and move better after my very first visit!

      by Judy Hoffmann on 2013-11-02

Everyone was very professional, courteous and prompt to answer any questions. I do have a follow up to go over my results and discuss a treatment plan.Would highly recommend.

      by Paula Harper on 2013-11-01

My back feels so much better today!

      by Lea Maceyko on 2013-10-26

Dr Shannon is Amazing!

Every single person in this office was friendly and took the time to walk me through each step of the process. Plus, I’m feeling better already!

      by Kara Prem on 2013-10-24

Every single person in this office was friendly and took the time to walk me through each step of the process. Plus, I’m feeling better already!

      by Anon on 2013-10-24

Makes you feel like part of a family as soon as you walk in the door.

      by Scot Hindall on 2013-10-20

The Drs. and support staff are very professional, easy to talk to and accommodating. I am very thankfull for them all! Scot Hindall

      by Susan Rabold on 2013-10-17

I have expressed myself before but would like to add another comment. Another aspect of WOW that I really appreciate is that they show you how to do the exercises, give you other valuable information about good health, nutrition, medications, etc. but don’t hound you or put pressure on you. All in all it IS for your optimal best but I feel the freedom to make my own personal choice regarding it all.

      by Anon on 2013-10-08

After my much needed adjustment with Dr. KJ Shannon and then my massage with Jessie, I felt 10 years younger and moved much more easily! Thank you for taking the time to make my health a priority.

      by Steve Lemasters on 2013-10-03


      by Anthony Thompson on 2013-09-25

Professional, caring treatment. Family atmosphere. Dr. Bennett is an exceptional Chiropractor.

      by Rebecca Kitchen on 2013-09-25

Appreciated you taking me early so I could get on with other activities!

      by Phillip Shadwick on 2013-09-25

Dr. Bennett is always the best she’s kind gentle and very pleasant

      by Donna Reed on 2013-09-24

The care that I get at WOW is exceptional. They know me and take care of me.

      by Anon on 2013-09-22

The staff were welcoming and helpful

      by Mary Hart on 2013-09-17

Always enjoy my appointments. Love visiting with everyone. Feel wonderful after adjustments.

      by Sheril Carey on 2013-09-08

I have had a marvelous experience at Worthington Optimal Wellness from their comfortable, inviting decorating to their friendly office staff I always feel at home there, which is all just bonus on top of the fact that the doctors are really getting results adjusting me. 🙂

      by Timothy Fulton on 2013-09-07

Awesome staff and quick and effected treatment. Thanks Tim Fulton

      by Susan Rabold on 2013-09-04

When you leave feeling GOOD & everyone is so kind and helpful, it’s been a “great” day! 🙂

      by Lucy Stanley on 2013-09-02

Girls behind the front desk are always helpful and courteous. They make it easy to schedule appointments for each week. Look forward to wonderful massages with Mike twice a month! Dr. Keiser is fantastic. Always feel great after every adjustment. Do appreciate all of you.

Dr Julia was Amazingly thorough in assessing my health and care. The staff is friendly and welcoming I look forward to an on going relationship with wow.

      by Dawn Nocera on 2013-08-27

Dr Julia was Amazingly thorough in assessing my health and care. The staff is friendly and welcoming I look forward to an on going relationship with wow.

      by Nancy Steck on 2013-08-27

I feel confidence with the doctors. The support staff is so very nice and attentive and helpful.

      by Daniel Walton on 2013-08-27

Great People & Great Results!

      by Anon on 2013-08-27

Excellent massage!

      by Judy Worley on 2013-08-26

Positively top notch . Everyone is always top notch and pleas.ant

      by Gayle Griffith on 2013-08-22

I love that I can stay “well adjusted” on a regular basis in just 10 minutes (little or no waiting). WOW and all the doctors are fantastic! I love all three.

      by Faon Bridges on 2013-08-20

Really took the time to learn and know about me, my activities and history and understand what areas of my body are bothering me.

      by Rachael Kaufman-Martin on 2013-08-19

I am always pleased with the attentiveness of the ladies behind the front desk, and the chiropractors themselves. Everyone greets me by name, and I’m very welcomed at each visit. I have met and received adjustments from every Dr. on staff, and always feel well taken care of. There is never a sense of feeling rushed, or like I’m a number to them. My primary

care-provider, Dr. Kaiser, constantly provides feedback and education on how I can improve my quality of life. She has always been patient, kind, and informative, while exuding a genuine concern for her patients. I am lucky to have been referred by my in-laws to this location and team. My health has improved immensely, and I no longer have back pain every day. Another benefit to receiving treatment at this practice is the flexibility they provide in accommodating patient’s schedules. It is very convenient to set up and/or  cancel appointments as needed, without the stress or financial penalties often associated with other offices. The ladies up front assist patients in meeting their needs with a very compassionate approach. Their efficiency in keeping up with appointment times and patient turnover is definitely one of the reasons the practice functions so successfully. In general, it’s a very warm, and friendly atmosphere providing excellent care and services to patients at any stage in their life.

      by Anon on 2013-08-18

No comments

      by Anon on 2013-08-16

My visits to the office are always a great experience. Everyone there is always so helpful. the best part is that I am feeling better and able to continue to do what I like. Thank you all for helping me get to this point!

      by Carole Dale on 2013-08-15

I walk in with pain — miracle minutes later — I walk out feeling great! Dr. Keiser gets my bones in alignment but also my spirit! It is a true pleasure to walk into the door and feel the welcome support.

Everyone is extremely friendly and professional and they do their very best to provide the therapy/adjustments that I needed from my lower back pain. The results from my first visit were definitely positive. I would recommended Worthington Optimal Wellness to anyone needing their services.

      by Anon on 2013-08-14

Everyone is extremely friendly and professional and they do their very best to provide the therapy/adjustments that I needed from my lower back pain. The results from my first visit were definitely positive. I would recommended Worthington Optimal Wellness to anyone needing their services.

      by Anon on 2013-08-13

They have gotten me in quickly every time I have needed an adjustment. Dr. Bennett is very warm and friendly. I love the feeling of an adjustment – as soon as the table is laid down I start to feel better.

      by Susan Rabold on 2013-08-13

It’s a good place to be! You begin to feel better when you walk through the door. Everyone is so friendly, courteous and personable. The chiropractors are genuinely interested in your “total” health. They are cautious and take xrays to determine your needs. You don’t just get adjustments and a sheet of paper with exercises on it, but “hands on” personal instructions about how to do them correctly. Yes, it all comes with a cost – anything worthwhile does and you and your optimal wellness certainly are worth what you put into yourself. WOW was highly recommended by a dear friend and so far is a blessing in the making. Don’t knock chiropractic until you try it! You too can be amazed how much better you can/will feel!

      by Anon on 2013-08-06

Staff is always amazing

      by Dale Kocarek on 2013-07-31

Dr. Bennett has been working with my neck and feet over the last few months. This added component in addition to my spinal adjustment has helped me a lot. I feel that it has helped reverse the effects of arthritis.

Dr. Keiser had a mess to deal with…

      by Georganne Martin on 2013-07-24

Dr. Keiser had a mess to deal with adjusting me after husband fell off ladder on me. What I forgot & want to remind her of, is Dr. Pierce used to always say & she will remember, if you get real warm the day of adjustments and feel like you have the flu, then he did his job as she did cause I felt both.

Thanks Doc!!

      by Terry Hughes on 2013-07-23

Always available

      by Robert O’Hern on 2013-07-18

The environment in which the office is set, and the people who work there, create a warm, inviting and healing atmosphere.

      by Anon on 2013-07-17

Ray Poroski’s therapeutic massages have helped me work through a chronic problem. His efforts have helped me regain my mobility and release the pain.

      by Patsy Hicks on 2013-07-17

As always my visit was good. The staff always friendly and helpful.

      by Anon on 2013-07-16

Everyone is extremely friendly, professional and do their very best to accommodate personal schedules. Not only is the service exceptional but the therapeutic end results are definitely positive. I would (and have) recommended Worthington Optimal Wellness to anyone.

      by Judy Worley on 2013-07-14

The entire staff at WOW is always helpful and pleasant

      by Kelly Kidd on 2013-07-14

DOG PEOPLE! That was the first positive thing. The office is gorgeous and everyone was so nice and friendly. Dr. Bennett was very thorough, respectful and attentive. I look forward to my next visit!

      by Lucy Stanley on 2013-07-14

I go for an adjustment with Dr. Keiser once a week and a massage with Mike twice a month. My back feels wonderful after every visit. The staff is wonderful and courteous when I come in the door. The girls make it easy for scheduling every time!

      by Victoria Hartley on 2013-06-30

I called and got an appointment that day. Everyone was professional and supportive.

      by James Rathsack on 2013-06-27 Everyone is very curteous. No delays. Great service Always a great visit

      by Tena Back on 2013-06-25

Always a great visit

      by Jennifer Wene on 2013-06-23

It is always a great experience. In and out quick and everyone is friendly and helpful b

      by Julie Neff on 2013-06-21

As always the office is willing to schedule around my crazy schedule. I truly appreciate the hello’s and smiles. Thanks, Julie

      by Karen Heldenbrand on 2013-06-20

excellent ****

What a difference in 7 months!

      by Sheron Benkert on 2013-06-20

I walked into Worthington Optimal Wellness with terrible back and leg pain. Dr Bennett’s adjustments have been amazing! The sciatic pain is less frequent now and the foot fluttering seems to have stopped. I also love the staff, they are so friendly. Remember: You are only as young as your spine allows you to be!!!

      by Connie Hess on 2013-06-17

Dr. Shannan has done a great job in helping to relieve the back pain that I initially had when starting at Worthington Optimal Wellness. I would definitely recommend treatment here.

      by Georganne Martin on 2013-06-12

As I told the Dr. Keiser yesterday, after being adjusted over 100 times by Dr. Pierce, I had chills when she adjusted me. If you had ever been adjusted by him, you would agree. With my hand to God, I would have sworn, when she adjusted me it was Dr. Pierce. If you have any health problems, go to this clinic. I have not taken an antibiotic in many years. Thank you Dr. Keiser for making my day!!

      by Linda Hess on 2013-06-08

Thank you

      by Wendy Brenot on 2013-06-06

Dr Shannon’s adjustments always make me feel better. I can always tell when I need to visit.

      by Brian Henning on 2013-06-06

Dr. Shannon is great. Very personable and great at what he does.

      by Anthony Thompson on 2013-06-05

Exceptional, quality care. Injured lower back and Dr. Bennet’s ministration reduced my pain during first visit after the injury. Now, I am a believer.

      by Kim Stitzlein on 2013-06-04

Having moved to Columbus just a year and a half ago, I have been searching for various health professionals. I had not found a chiropractor yet, but I found I slept wrong and had extreme pain in my neck. Worthington Optimal Wellness worked me in and provided me with great care. I was very impressed with my first visit and look forward to working with them in the future.

      by Angela Adrean on 2013-06-04


      by Lucy Stanley on 2013-06-01

My back feels great now because I go for adjustment each week! Mike gives me a massage twice a month which helps quite bit too. When I come in to office the girls are always friendly and caring at front desk .

      by Anon on 2013-06-01

No comment…

      by Russell Miller on 2013-05-22

Always friendly, smiles on everyone’s faces and patients seem to always be upbeat!! I have been going there for 10 years and they are always awesome!!

      by Anon on 2013-05-20

Excellent service, with personalized, friendly, empathetic and competent care.

      by Dale Kocarek on 2013-05-18

I needed to have an adjustment from a buisness trip I was on. I very much appreciate the flexibility ofscheduling an adjustment for the same day.

      by Dianne Boes on 2013-05-16

Great Positive EnErgy With Everyone At The Office

      by Anthony Thompson on 2013-05-15

Initially a Doubting Thomas. After several visits I am very pleased with the care I have received and the pleasant, yet professional attitude of the staff. I will continue the treatment regimen indefinitely.

      by Barbara Snure on 2013-05-14

I believe I’ve finally come to the right place! I was treated with friendliness and respect. I look forward to my next visit today! Barbara Snure-Beutel

      by John Short on 2013-05-08

always get relief when I see Dr. Shannon. Feel like a million bucks.

      by Barbara Kash on 2013-05-05

I appreciate all of the excellent care I have received over the past two years. Before I began getting adjustments, I had horrible headaches. Mostly, my headaches are gone. Every once in awhile I get one, but it is never as bad as it used to be and if I get an adjustment it takes care of it.

      by Anon on 2013-05-04

Great atmosphere and an overall pleasant experience. Staff is very personable and make you feel welcome. You can tell they care for your overall well being. Couldn’t be happier with the first couple visits. My son has terrible ear infections and after months of going to doctors who couldn’t tell me why I had an answer here in two days.

      by Don Chilcote on 2013-05-03 I was very pleased with the first visit

      by Georganne Martin on 2013-05-01

I saw Dr. Keiser, I had tripped & fallen, she let me know my damage, and adjusted me, they when she stopped, she said, that is all I want to do for now. Could not be more satisfied, and her staff is very friendly also. One super group. Now, the best is she trained under Dr. Pierce, also attended Palmer College.

      by Elizabeth Miller on 2013-04-26

I have been a client since February and highly recommend Worthington Optimal. I have found Dr. Shannon to be informative, kind, and effective in my treatment. And, I appreciate that the other professionals are friendly and accomodating. Because I don’t live in the Worthington area, I also appreciate that everyone is efficient; therefore, I don’t have to wait when I arrive at my appointment.

      by Andrew Murphy on 2013-04-25 I should make time to visit more often. 🙂

      by Jamie Verhoff on 2013-04-23

Love everyone at WOW! Great service, great care.

      by Anon on 2013-04-21

I have gotten excellent care. Everyone there makes each visit a very good experience.I am back to doing everything I want and need to do.

      by Fred Whitney on 2013-04-20


      by Cora Collins on 2013-04-18

Always a professional attitude with an abundance of humor.

      by Sharon Beach on 2013-04-17

Doing this survey is a reminder for me that I take the wonderful care I receive here for granted. Every time I visit the office I know I will be treated as a valued, individual patient. The smiles are generous and the care is outstanding. I am especially biased towards Dr. Keiser. She is a wonderful Chiropractor and a beautiful human being. She is generous with her time and has a lovely, giving spirit. Dr. Shannon has done wonders for me as well. He is very nice and a great Chiropractor.

      by Carmelita Elder on 2013-04-17

Everyone is professional and very nice to work with. I have enjoyed the process and feel like they have my best interest at heart

      by Steve Turchan on 2013-04-15

Very helpful and friendly staff. By previous back pain is now a distant memory!

      by Anon on 2013-04-12

Great visit as always!

      by Robert Barkley on 2013-04-02

You need to get an extension/traction table to provide a full line of service!

      by Vivian Perkins on 2013-04-02

I’ve been seeing Dr. Keiser since she started her practice. I attribute my good health to regular chiropractic visits. I might give up my MD, but never my chiropractor! I would not be as healthy as I am without her.

      by Adam Kantner on 2013-04-01

I really look forward to going. They are making me feel better and become more healthy!

      by Dale Kocarek on 2013-03-28

I look forward to my bi-weekly adjustments. Dr. Bennett performs several routine adjustments on me, that are most beneficial in reducing pain in my neck and feet.

      by Lena Graves on 2013-03-26

The staff at WOW is prompt, courteous and polite. I have been coming to WOW for 4 years now and they have always exceeded my needs.


Great!by Annette Cohn on 2013-03-25

      by Linda Hess on 2013-03-22

The office staff (Carol and Paula today) is always wonderful. I had new yoga class information to hand out and not only did they look at the handouts they commented and showed interest. Dr. Shannon is so interested. His gentle method works wonders. I love hearing my bones line back up 🙂

      by Anon on 2013-03-22

Great place. The exercises help just crazy how expensive it is to learn one, that could be my insurance. Doctor and staff are nice and most of all helpfull to my needs!

      by Anon on 2013-03-14

I always feel so much better after my visit. Everyone is friendly and usually there is no wait time for your appointment.

      by Judy Shumaker on 2013-03-10

On Friday, March 8th I had my first visit with Worthington Optimal Wellness. Must I say, that I was very impressed with their thoroughness during my first visit. I look forward to my next appointment.

      by Anon on 2013-03-07

Friendly, professional, on time. It was my first visit, however, I felt comfortable and was well attended to.

      by Robby Hawse on 2013-02-25

The best service my husband and I have had in a long time! The staff and Dr.Shannon have been so accommodating and considerate, they have gone above and beyond to make us feel welcome and important. I can not recommend them enough! My husband suffered from sever back pain, to the point that he could barely walk. Dr.Shannon and the staff took care of us right away, making my husband as comfortable as possible. In just a matter of a few visits my husband began to improve to were he can now walk without assistants and move so much easier. I can not say enough Worthington Chiropractic! You will not find a better staff or Doctor anywhere else.

      by Anon on 2013-02-19

Always friendly!

      by Anon on 2013-02-17

Top Rate

      by Judy Worley on 2013-02-17

Feeling better than expected, sorry in took so long to make th appointment . Recommend to all.

      by Sandra Simpson on 2013-02-17

It is a wonderful feeling to finally feel good again. I honestly didn’t think I would ever be able to walk normally again. Dr. Kaiser and Dr Shannon have both been so supportive and they have have really helped me. All of the employees are very friendly and professional.

      by Christala Smith on 2013-02-17

I got hurt at work, slipped and fell on a wet floor and I was walking like I was 92 in age when I’m only 28. My job sent me to the worker comp. doctors and they didn’t even do xrays they just looked me over and told me that i had a brusied knee and sprained hip, some one told me about worthington optimal I came in and they did xrays & told me what was really wrong with me. I came every day for a week to the office to do excerises & to have my adjustment & I was back to work in a week.Worker comp, approved me for more adjustment & I feel so great back to the same old 28year old body.

      by Anon on 2013-02-14

So glad I am coming for adjustment every week(Dr. Keiser) and massage with Mike every 2 weeks. I started coming one and half years ago and will continue coming in the future.The girls @ front desk are all very helpful to me. It is very easy to schedule weekly appointments @ desk. Back feels wonderful most of the time! Thanks everyone @ Worthington Optimal Wellness!!

      by Patricia Stegman on 2013-02-14

I hadn’t been in for a while and it seemed like I’d been missed. Everyone asks about the family and really makes one feel that they are valued.

      by Anon on 2013-02-12

Great, speedy service. Options, cost, and procedures are well explained. Staff are very caring and professional.

      by Laura Watson on 2013-02-07

The staff is always so nice and helpful! It is always a relaxing, positive place to come to.

      by Eugene Granovskiy on 2013-02-05

Thanks to all friendly and professional people of the center inckuding the supporting staff !

      by Sharon Beach on 2013-01-29

Before I first went to see Dr. Keiser,I had no opinion about Chiropractors. I had a horrible neck issue that she fixed for me. I am a believer! I love the way she cares about the community and her patients. She is a wonderful person that I am proud to know.

      by Kathryn Junge on 2013-01-25

Every one is kind and helpful and always willing to answer questions.

      by Carrie Miller on 2013-01-24

I have been having a great experience with WOW – the staff is just lovely and they really take the time to let me know what they are doing and how it will work for me. I appreciate their time and patience with a newbie like me.

      by Sandra Simpson on 2013-01-24

It’s just wonderful to finally feel better.

      by Angela Gearheart on 2013-01-17

My family absolutely LOVES Dr. Keiser and the staff of Worthington Optimal Wellness. Everyone is so friendly and competent. They leave no stone unturned and make each person feel special and important. I had no hesitation whatsoever in having the the doctors and massage therepists treat my children as well as myself and my husband. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their health and well-being.

      by Eugene Granovskiy on 2013-01-15

Excellent! Above expectations! Everybody in the office was highly professional and friendly!

      by Anon on 2013-01-14

The staff are knowledgable, friendly, and efficient. The doctors are careing, professional, and highly skilled. Always a pleasure to have an appointment.

      by Lori Sites on 2013-01-12

quit trying to sell me other services. It’s annoying

      by Georganne Martin on 2013-01-11

Stiff neck, headache, as well as sore knee gone. Thank you very much Dr. Shannon. Also, you have the mose pleasant staff I have ever seen!!! Have a great weekend!! Georganne Martin

      by Rebecca Kitchen on 2013-01-05

appreciated the ‘no wait’ time!

      by Christala Smith on 2013-01-05

I was very satisfied. I’m so happy I finally know why I’m hurting so badly.

      by Sandra Simpson on 2013-01-03

I am very pleased with my experience so far. All of the staff are professional and friendly. It’s wonderful to finally feel better.

      by Carrie Miller on 2013-01-03

everyone there was super nice! I enjoyed my first visit (even though it might have run a little long – we all laughed about it)

Go if you want to be a permanent patient.

      by Anon on 2013-01-01

They are not about fixing you but to keep you going there forever…

      by Paul Sartori on 2012-12-29


      by Donna Seelman on 2012-12-29

Always an excellent experience. There has never been one time when I felt anything but great about the staff.

      by Cecilia Watkins on 2012-12-23

Everyone is so nice and friendly and the adjustments make me feel so much better. I had never thought about Chiropractic care for myself before.

Professional, knowledgeable, friendly…

      by Cora Collins on 2012-12-23

Professional, knowledgeable, friendly and interested in my well beihg

      by Lori Sites on 2012-12-22

I do not like all the sales pitches during my sessions. I only want chiropractor services.

      by Dianne O’Brien on 2012-12-21

Great adjustment by Dr. Shannon and the wonderful sample massage!

      by Linda Hess on 2012-12-21

Felt marvelous after — treated like a good friend.

      by Robert Barkley on 2012-12-20


      by William Montgomery on 2012-12-15

In and out very quickly and on time.

      by Kimberly Mermis on 2012-12-14

Only one visit so far, but very impressed! The staff are extremely inviting and welcoming. Dr. Shannon was attentive to me while taking in my history during the initial evaluation. Can’t wait to go back!

      by Kathryn Junge on 2012-12-13

Everyone is very kind and professional.

      by Anon on 2012-12-13

Excellent service. Friendly staff.

      by Kathleen Rausch on 2012-12-11

Wonderful folks. Wonderful care!

      by Russell Miller on 2012-12-09

Diane and Dr Bennett are both such a joy to be around!! Always smiling and happy to be there for the patients!!

      by Paul Sartori on 2012-12-05

Great care on my visits, showing concern on all aspects of my treatment. It is exactly what it is called, A Wellness Center. all staff are very friendly and professional

      by Carol Foor on 2012-12-04

Everything top notch as always.

      by Pam Sturiano on 2012-12-04

As always GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

      by Allison Pallard on 2012-11-29

As always it was a great experience!

      by Lena Graves on 2012-11-29

I am always well taken care of by Dr. Shannon! Thanks WOW!

      by Anon on 2012-11-28

I have been going to Worthington Ooptimal Wellness for 7 years. I have arthritis in my back and I have also had spasms which cause pain and lack of movement. A regular doctor would have prescribed continuous

medication. Because of of the treatments I receive, I am pain free and do not need medication. The treatments are quick. Eventhough I feel good, I must continually go for treatments. This is the key to feeling great. I would not have believed this if I had not done this myself.

      by Pamela Stewart on 2012-11-20

Long delay in checking out. Forgetting about client waiting in the room for the doctor to show up.

      by Thomas Rausch on 2012-11-15

Very thorough intake and diagnostic process. First adjustment was great. Staff is exceptionally friendly.

      by Judith Margaroli on 2012-11-14

Great experience. Always on time. Very friendly staff and atmosphere.

      by Sally Pilcher on 2012-11-08

It’s nice to see how compatible the staff is. They greet everyone by name and are always so pleasant… the patients and to each other!

      by Nancy Rinehart on 2012-11-04

Dr. Bennett is the best!

      by Pamela Stewart on 2012-10-28

Used to be in and out. Now it’s wait and wait some more. I never want to be in there again when there is only one (1) person working behind the desk.

Which hasn’t always been on a saturday. One person can not handle the amount of clients wanting questions answered/ paying/ or schedules.

      by Kathleen Ash on 2012-10-26

The people in the office are terrific, friendly, efficient. I always enjoy going there even before my adjustments.

      by Alicia Willis on 2012-10-26

I have been very pleased with the care I have received. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable about wellness.

      by Ruth McClain on 2012-10-25 Service was, as always, courteous and timely.

Fabulous experience

      by Anon on 2012-10-20

Everybody is so friendly and helpful when you first arrive at the office. The wait time is always short and the doctors all take their time to listen to you and are trying to help you feel better as soon as possible. Anybody looking for optimal wellness you need to start here.

      by Donna Seelman on 2012-10-16

A really great experience from by first visit to my appointment this week. Everyone is kind, understanding, professional and has a great sense of humor. Most important, I am able to continue to do the activities that I enjoy.

      by Autumn Heading on 2012-10-11

All the staff are friendly and know my name when I walk through door. They care about me and how I am feeling. They care for my needs and know when I need a break.

      by Anon on 2012-10-06

I inquired about digestive cleansing. Once I indicated that I couldn’t afford to pay for the services of a counselor, that was the end of the discussion, as if money were the only issue. It’s important, I agree, but I have never been to a doctor who won’t guide me to potentially helpful information, whether there is money to be made or not. Disappointing.

      by Donn Griffith on 2012-10-04

I have been a patient for a long time. Recently I over did it by moving heavy boxes and I was suffering. They got me right in and in a few treatments over a couple of weeks I was pain free and able to enjoy a vacation with my grand daughter. Thanks to the whole staff

      by Linda Hess on 2012-09-28

even saw me a little early

      by Lucy Stanley on 2012-09-15

Everyone is so helpful and caring in the office. Mike does a great job with every message! When I walk in door, I never need to wait for my adjustment. I feel so good after every massage and adjustment!

      by Donn Griffith on 2012-09-03

One of the best Chiropractic services in the whole country. I guess that would be the world.[

      by Stephen Gussler on 2012-09-03

Dr. Shannan is very caring and does a tremendous job meeting the needs of the client. Stephen Gussler 614-562-5077

      by Patrick Bradshaw on 2012-08-31

Patrick Bradshaw. My wife, Marlys, and I both work at the same place: the Supreme Court of Ohio. We both have the same insurance, both single user (she is not on mine or vice versa). We’ve been billed the same amount every time for 5 years, until yesterday 8-30-2012. She was billed $31 and me $51. I don’t see anything different in my treatment. Why the difference?

~ Patrick Bradshaw

      by Linda Hess on 2012-08-30

Appreciated information about neck, finding ways to strengthen upper back.

      by Steve Turchan on 2012-08-30

My back pain is a distant memory. WOW’s treatment and recommended exercises have been very effective. The staff is also very friendly and helpful.

      by Kay Schofield on 2012-08-25

I appreciate how thorough WOW is. People are professional and helpful and I know I’m making good progress. I love the Power Vibe machine. I can feel the difference the minute I start a session. Looking forward to starting Yoga as well as continuing with my chiropratic treatments.

      by Anon on 2012-08-25

for the first time in several years I can go through the day without worrying about my back hurting, and that is thanks to the combination of the adjustments, the exercises I learned and the back massages! Thank you to all the great doctors and staff! I can now plan on my maintainance schedule… just in case my back decides to act out again 🙂

      by Carole Dale on 2012-08-14

Walked into WOW full of back pain that inhibits my walking stride, left minutes later pain gone and walking with the swing that is all mine!

      by Anon on 2012-08-08

I woke up yesterday morning with aches and pains. My chiropratic adjustment took away all of the pain. I am walking around today and not feeling any affects of the accident.

      by Anon on 2012-08-02

I had gone to Worthington Optimal Wellness a few years ago for several weeks. I attended some of their evening programs. In all ways, it was always a positive expereince. When I began having problems again, I called and have now been in twice…I go back tomorrow. I will follow the recommended treatment plan because I realize the value of good care and how it can affect our entire lives. In every way…the doctors, the entire staff, the facility, ETC. is the best. I would recommend them highly and look forward to continuing my treatment and feeling better.

      by Pat Stegman on 2012-07-31

I had a massage on 7/28/12 to help relieve pain in my shoulder and hip. It was the WORST experience I’ve ever had at WOW!!!! My hip hurt so bad afterwards that I could hardly walk all the rest of Saturday and I attended the Ohio State Fair with my family on Sunday and it wasn’t at all as enjoyable as I had expected. I don’t know if I’ll have a massage of my hip ever again after this experience! NOT AT ALL TYPICAL OF THE CARE I’VE GOTTEN AT WOW BEFORE!!!!!

      by Steve Turchan on 2012-07-28

My excruciating back pain quickly went away due to both the adjustments and the exercises prescibed. Staff is very attentive and friendly. I give

W.O.W. my highest personal endorsement!


      by Ruth McClain on 2012-07-27

As always, Dr. Shannan is courteous and pays attention to my requests.

      by Carole Dale on 2012-07-18

All the years of suffering feeling like nothing could ever help me– at last with Dr. Keiser the reality is I can be helped and it is restoring strengths that I assumed could never be regained. Plus, she is like a guardian angel, I feel emotionally and physically better when I have had a treatment. Also Jessica is so committed to your comfort with her personalized messages that give you exactly what you need. I feel so lucky to have these two looking out for me. PLUS the girls at the front desk are the best in the world!

      by Dale Kocarek on 2012-07-12

I had an adjustment and masssage yesterday and enjoyed both experiences. Both helped me relax and improved my mood quite a bit. I have found that I need one or both on a regular basis to maintain my mental, emotional, and physical well being.

Always a great experience

      by Kevin Gowins on 2012-07-11

I am always impressed with the high quality of customer service.

      by Linda Hess on 2012-06-28 Wonderful as always – mentally and physically.

      by James Rathsack on 2012-06-27

the adjustment allows me to function better in everyday life.

      by Ron Carton on 2012-06-20

This has been my first experience with Worthington Optimal Wellness and with a Chiropractor. I found Dr. Julia Keiser and the entire organization to be very patient friendly and professional. She did a very good job in discovering and explaining my problems and the course of action required to correct my situation.

      by Lucy Stanley on 2012-06-17

I feel great with adjustment once a week with Dr. Keiser and the massages with Mike very 2 weeks. Mike knows exactly where to relieve all the stress in my neck and back. The girls at the the front desk are all very caring and helpful when I come in each week! Thank you!

      by Anon on 2012-06-15

Dr Bennett carefully reviewed with me the reasons why I have been experiencing discomfort and the intervention plan I already feel better!

      by Anon on 2012-05-23

Jessica Arnold is great! my back felt great after the appointment 🙂

      by Dale Kocarek on 2012-05-23

I always enjoy comming to Worthington Chiropractic and getting adjustments, as they do wonders for my physical and mental well being. Everyone is friendly, caring, and flexible with my schedule. I love getting massages too every several weeks, but I find scheduling them after work a bit challenging.

      by Anon on 2012-05-22

I couldn’t offer any suggestion to make my visit more enjoyable. The front desk women are always pleasant, kind, friendly and knowledgeable. Dr Bennett has magic hands 🙂 My son and daughter are also patients. I highly recommend this practice to my friends and co-workers.

      by Meredith Kaminicki on 2012-05-22

I have been going to WOW for a couple of years and have really had a great experience there. Have referred people that are having back issues. LOVE Dr Bennett! The new office staff is wonderful. Very well oiled machine.

However the billing since I have changed my insurance to an HSA has been absolutely horrible. Be very cautious and check all of your bills/ EOB’s. We are grossly overpaid. If this can be resolved I would have no complaints.

      by Tena Back on 2012-05-18

Always a great visit, even though I was in pain, it is like going to visit a good friend.. You forget your pain by simply saying Hello..Thanks Dr. Shannon..

      by Shelley Warner on 2012-05-11

This is the best decision I’ve made in years. I am able to enjoy the things I love doing again. Dr. Shannan and the entire staff are just amazing. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who asks. Thank you all!!

      by Patrick Bradshaw on 2012-05-04

A great cracking! But it always is with Dr. Shannan.

      by Anon on 2012-05-02

I had terrible hip pain and stiffness when I went to see Dr. Keiser. I had trouble walking. Treating my spine, she corrected a problem that was causing uneven gait and hip inflammation. She was amazing and I cannot thank her enough. If I go to see her regularly, I can walk and run for miles without pain. If I don’t go for a few months, the severe pain returns.

Randy Snyder

      by Randall Snyder on 2012-04-30

WOW is always on time, and flexible for my schedule which helps my available time. I find information there to be very helpful, not assertive. My questions are always followed up with options to consider. WOW is helpful with no high pressure sales. You are great! Randy

      by Anon on 2012-04-27

We love Dr. K. Shannon. He’s been treating our family for years now. The whole experience is pretty positive. They care for the whole person and work hard to treat you in a timely fashion. They are very flexible!! Lifesavers. Now if we could just get them to figure out billing with our insurance: it would be 100% perfect.

      by Anon on 2012-04-25

The best around! Always knows what my body needs to relieve all the stress!

      by Mary Hart on 2012-04-12

Always enjoy my visits. Feel so much better after my appointment.

      by Jack Miner on 2012-04-09

I went in with a specific issue and in my first two appointments the staff 90% of the time on sales and 10% (if that) on treatment. The frustrating part of the sales pitch was that I came to a chiropractor so I don’t feel like I need to be sold on whether or not it is a truly valid treatment (which made up half of the sales pitch).

      by Carrie Held on 2012-04-06

I love all the staff at the office. As always, great visit.

      by Rebecca Kitchen on 2012-04-03

Always feel better when I leave. Thanks.

      by Shelley Warner on 2012-04-02

I was always skeptical about chiropractic care, but now know how beneficial it can be. I wish I had looked in to chiropractic care 15 years ago. It’s wonderful to be able to do things I really enjoy again. Do the exercises they

teach, be aware of the poor postures you’ve unconsciously developed over the years, and strive to overcome them. Take control of your health and you will feel better!

      by Sharon Elliott on 2012-03-19

Very professional and very knowledgeable. I can tell that Dr. Keiser has my best interest in mind. I have referred her to all of my friends for any chiropractic care.

      by Ruth McClain on 2012-03-17

As always, Dr. Shannan listens to my concerns and makes the appropriate adjustments. I always leave the office with less pain and feeling better.

      by Mary Hart on 2012-03-10

Always enjoy my appointments – get to visit with everyone.

      by Carl Ash on 2012-03-05

I have had a severe back injury as the result from a car crash. My experience at Worthington Optimal Wellness has given my life a new vigilance. My therapy sessions have helped my daily health as well as improved my mood. I thank Dr Shannon every time I am able to bend over to tie my shoes! It is therapeutic as well as invigorating.

      by Gloria Burke on 2012-02-13

At first, I was scared to death to be treated by a chiropractor, however, my partner talked me into it, and I have never regretted it. I only wish I had seen Dr. Shannan, prior to my two surgeries, however, he has gotten me out of severe pain! I would recommend Worthington Chiropractic to anyone—- Do not hesitate!

      by Abbigail Linville on 2012-01-18

Our experience at Worthington Optimal Wellness was excellent. I would recommend it to any of my friends. From the minute we stepped into the office, we felt as though we were top priority. The staff and doctor were interested in finding a reason for the discomfort Abbi experiences rather than just ‘fixing’ it. Clearly, they have long term solutions in mind when treating patients. Thank you so much and we look forward to our next visit!

      by Anon on 2012-01-14

Your staff is always helpful and considerate when scheduling appointments. Dr Keiser is always on time for adjustments.

      by Patricia Stegman on 2012-01-13

Friendly greeting and speedy service making nice appointment always appreciated!

      by Ruth McClain on 2012-01-06

Dr. Shannon is professional, courteous, and always interested in me as a person. He definitely has helped with back pain and recommends other services that he feels would be beneficial as well. Thanks so much.

      by Anon on 2012-01-04

I have been a patient at Worth Optimal Wellness for “lots” of years. I have always been treated very professionally and kindly. Everyone there is friendly, professional, even when Julia isn’t there. 🙂

      by Mary Hart on 2011-12-17

I always enjoy my visits. The staff(especially Lisa)is always nice and helpful. I leave feeling so much better and looking forward to my next visit. I have already set up my appointments for January through April of 2012. Since I am usually out-of-town in May, I’ll set up the rest of the year later. Keep up the good work!!!

      by Anon on 2011-12-17

I’ve been a patient at Worthing Chiropractice for many years. They have helped me tremendously. Thank you for all that you do for me.

      by Anon on 2011-12-16

Ladies are always pleasant when coming or going from the office and I feel good inside and out when I leave!

      by Anon on 2011-12-14

I have been visiting Worthington Chiropractic almost 4 years. I first came to Dr Kieser by a referral when I first moved to Columbus. I wasn’t sure since my Chiropractor in California was so different that my visits were about an hour in length. I hesitated until I had a Siotic Nerve Pain. Dr Kieser helped

me and showed me why that happened and with the test’s from Dr Bennett on progress and xrays I was able to see my improvement. I am amazed at the total wellness with the Whole Body. I started seeing Dr Bennett on Thursday’s when Dr Kieser was not in and have been going to her ever since. (All of the Doctor’s are Great!)I had fallen on my knees and was able to receive help for that. I have problems with my wrists and have received help for that. We so often associate Chiropractors with neck and back pain. I am thankful! My knees are better and so are my wrists. . I also notice I do not get sick very often. I have started taking vitamins like fish oil and Glucosamine and Traumeel oitment for Anti-inflammatory. So to sum this up I appreciate the whole approach to Chiropractic care I receive!

      by Wendy Brenot on 2011-12-08

Dr. Keiser tried a new adjustment on my lower back yesterday and it seems to be helping relieve the numbness. Please let her know that. Wendy Brenot

      by Carl Ash on 2011-11-29

I have been going to this place for a few years and I know when I miss an appointment by the way my body feels! I couldn’t live without this.

      by Anon on 2011-11-21

They give a very thorough exam and their adjustments do seem to provide some relief from back pain. However, they also spend too much time trying

to “indoctrinate” patients with their chiropractic care philosophy. They don’t even keep general interest magazines in their waiting room any more because they only want you to read materials that help to “indoctrinate” you.

      by Carrie Held on 2011-11-21

I never have had any problems with the office. Dr Shannon and the staff are wonderful.

      by Sarah Metzler on 2011-11-18

I was very impressed with Worthington Optimal Wellness. They really did thorough testing to make sure they understood my condition. They also did a detailed analysis of my past medical history. The entire staff is extremely professional and the chirpractors are all excellent. I am finally going getting the help I have needed for years.

      by Patricia Stegman on 2011-11-18

After an adjustment I always feel better! From coming in the front door to leaving, I always feel cared for!

      by Dale Kocarek on 2011-11-16

By and large, 2011 has not been a great year for me. But, with this being said, my experiences at Worthington Optimal Wellness, which began in January, have been a a very positive experience. I am not normally inclined to talk in terms like “healing energy,” but a positive healing energy is precisely what I experience when I have adjustments and massages.

      by Gloria Burke on 2011-11-15

Dr. Shannan is awesome. The ladies at the front desk as very inviting and always want to help even when extremely busy. Go for care, as you won’t regret it. Any of the doctors there can help you.

      by Gary Kazanjian on 2011-11-08

The best Backcrackers in the business!! They make you feel so fine when your spine is in line.

      by Anon on 2011-11-04

I look forward to my weekly appointment at WOW and have referred many friends to this office. The doctors and staff are always friendly and

professional. Since becoming a patient in April 2011, I have noticed an increase in my overall health.

      by Kristin Stelljes on 2011-10-30

The staff is genuinely concerned about the client well-being and general health. The Dr.s and staff are understanding about “life” incidences getting in the way sometimes and do the utmost to help work around these interruptions while giving outstanding service.

      by Anon on 2011-10-27

I am usually greeted warmly by Carol at the front desk. She makes me feel so welcome and is efficient and professional in her work. Worthington Chiropractic is a wonderful, welcoming practice!

      by Anon on 2011-10-27

Amazing staff and specialists. I look forward to going!

      by Phillip Piteo on 2011-10-26

As always I was greeted by the Diane and made to feel welcome. Diane helped me set up an appointment and took payment for my visit quickly and professionaly. I waited a very short time to be seen by Doctor Kaiser who made several adjustments to my back and neck. Dr. Kaiser provided me with some very good advice, not just about my health but in other areas of my life (she is good at listening). I left feeling like a million bucks.

      by Anon on 2011-10-21

I love my bi-weekly visit to WOW. Betsy is the best, most beautiful girl I have ever met.

      by Anon on 2011-10-21

I think the staff at Worthington Optimal Wellness treats me with such respect and treats me like part of a family. I feel better just sitting in the waiting room!