Recently a patient saw one of our Facebook posts and commented that she didn’t know why she shouldn’t drink diet soda or unfiltered water.

That’s when I knew we weren’t discussing chemical stress enough.

So our focus this month is on decreasing chemical stress.

The World Health Organization states that 98% of illness is caused by a combination of physical, mental and chemical stress.

What is your toxic load?

What kind of products are you putting on your skin, hair, nails?

Many of us look for foods without artificial ingredients, but do you consider what you put ON your body? Your skin absorbs the products directly into your body and bloodstream. 

How about in your house, your clothes, your yard?

Have you noticed the increase in products that are labeled as “clean” or “clear”? That is because consumers are demanding that poisons are reduced or eliminated from the products that are in our homes and yards, that we touch and breath.

What is in your food, your water, your air?

Let’s take a look at the some of the big culprits that are poisoning our bodies. That brings me to the discussion with my patient. Diet soda alone is a huge contributor to chemical stress. 


We can’t avoid all toxins but we can make some simple changes.

Next time you are in ask us for healthy suggestions on the products you are using.

We have a great little card you can take to the grocery giving you the fruits and vegetables that are important to buy organically and the ones that absorb fewer chemicals.

Decreasing our chemical stress is just as important as lowering our physical and mental stress.

Let us help you and your family make some changes.

We look forward to helping you live a vibrant and clean life!

Dr. Julia Keiser



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