Are you old enough to remember Suzanne Powter – that crazy blond women who had some weight loss scheme and used to scream “STOP THE INSANITY”?
This is how I feel everyday – no not the spikey hair but the sentiment. We have lost our minds.
We pay more for healthcare than any other nation yet our life expectancy is 49th.

Last year there were over 250,000 deaths due to medical errors and over 225,000 deaths from reactions to prescription medications.

The average yearly cost of adverse drug reactions is $136 billion which is greater than the cost for cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

Basically our “health” care system is the leading cause of death and costing an enormous amount of money. GM spends more money on healthcare than steel; Starbucks spends more on healthcare than coffee.

So what do we do?

Well we can look at it from 2 directions: personal and political.

This blog tries to focus on the personal ; ways we can get healthy, stay healthy and avoid this broken system. However occasionally we must look at the bigger aspect such as drug companies, lobbyists, GMOs and corporate misconduct.

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