We are partnering with one of our favorite non-profits, Simply Living, for a fun event on Saturday, July 28th from 8 – 11 AM. 

All adjustments for current patients are FREE!

Everyone is invited to attend one or all of a series of workshops to help you deal with physical, mental and chemical stress and our non-profit sponsor this year is Simply Living.

There will be door prizes, posture scans, and our new diagnostic tool- Heart Rate Variability.

This new tool, HRV, allows us to understand how stress is affecting your brain and nervous system.

It allows us to see how stress is affecting your metabolism and ability to burn fat and to compare your chronological age to your biological age.

Join us to ”Minimize Ways to Maximize Your Health”

Free workshops:

  • 9:00 Simply Living: Minimalism and what it means for you and your family

  • 9:30 am –  Minimize Chemicals to Maximize Health How to decrease and clear your exposure to the toxins in our air water and food

  • 10:00 am – Minimize Time and Effort to Maximize Physical Benefits Getting the most out of your exercise routine

  • 10:30 am – Minimize Stress to Maximize Brain Health Undoing the damage our current environment is doing to our brains.

For all our current patients there will be a FREE adjustment.

For all new patients, we will donate $50 for every new patient.

Join us for a morning that will impact you and your family’s health.

Your friends and family are welcome just be sure to schedule an appointment: 614-848-5211.

See you on Saturday, July 28th from 8 – 11 am!

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