What a loaded topic!!

Gluten or no gluten; paleo or vegan; low fat vs. low carbs.

OK, this is not really your job to figure this all out you have a job and for most of you, it is not a Ph.D. in nutrition.

The first place to start is with our nutrition survey.

Our survey will take you 5 minutes and gives the doctors tons of info. This survey allows us to know your overall health goals, what symptoms you may be experiencing that are related to nutrition, your daily habits, any medications that may be lessened or eliminated with nutrition and what kind of vitamins or supplements you are now using.

After the doctors assess the survey, they will sit down with you and help you work out a practical individual plan for you.

So often you have questions about diet and nutrition but are not sure who to ask.

We always welcome your questions.

Today family doctors have no training in nutrition or real interest in the topic! Asking them for advice puts them on the spot, makes them feel uncomfortable and gets you little to no good information (except perhaps “take your multi-vitamin).

All of our doctors and much of our staff go to frequent seminars and read research almost daily on current aspects of nutrition.

Like our Facebook page for information on nutrition.

We will be putting an article or study that will help you sort it all out every day this month.

Also join us at our “Sip and Sample” night October 4th at 6:00 where you can learn more about our nutrition program and try some of the products. It will be a fun evening and you will feel good about your health as you go into the holidays!

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