Do we have the most fabulous massage therapists in the world?

Well yes we do.

Whenever I go on a professional weekend with other chiropractors they often schedule massages. Not me! I have never found any therapists as wonderful as the five we have here. With our holistic approach to your wellness in mind, we recommend the right therapist to specifically meet YOUR needs.

Michael came to us many years ago as a new practitioner.

His deep work, love for his patients and skilled hands have created a loyal following and his schedule is always full.

Jess has also been at WOW for many years.

She works with many of our auto injury patients, our pregnant patients and many overwhelmed moms (she can relate).

Jess is also our only therapist who does hot stone massage which has melted many hearts and backs.

Ray came to us because we had several patients seeing him downtown and they INSISTED I check him out.

Well I did and now he is here full time. Ray is an engineer by training and that knowledge and skill is apparent with his “Raysage”.

Ray works primarily with both acute and chronic injury. His work is very deep and very therapeutic. He has an almost cult following.

Beth has been with us for several years.

Her style is both deep and fluid which allows her to accomplish relaxation without discomfort. Beth frequently comes with us for health fairs and workshops.

Her personality and skill “wow” participants. They can’t wait for her to return.

Felicia is the new kid on the block but not new to massage. She practiced in Michigan before coming to Columbus (we overlook that fact).

I met Felicia through a mutual friend and have been “wooing” her for months. Her style is profound and thorough but her energy is calming. One of our staff said when Felicia comes into the office her shoulders just relax and she can breathe better.

If you have been to one of our therapists, you know why they are the best. If you haven’t had the pleasure of a massage at WOW, talk with your doctor and we will give you a recommendation.

  1. That’s GREAT you have wonderful Massage therapists. There’s NOTHING better than surrounding yourself with the best ! I just love massages period. I know I’m one of the best in my area because my reviews speak for themselves . 😁

  2. This is awesome article!
    Im a big fan of a massage therapy. Found some good article on internet.

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