After spraining or injuring your knee or wrist or shoulder, usually, the injury heals uneventfully.

But occasionally the pain can become nagging and chronic. That means something is still unhealed.

If the underlying problem is not corrected, more serious issues can occur.

Let’s find out the cause.

The joint may be slightly out our alignment and we can adjust any joint in the body.

Sometimes the body may not have the nutrients and we can recommend some supplements.

If the soft tissue has healed with scar tissue, one of our massage therapists can break those up.

Sometimes however, often the joint hasn’t gotten the right information to heal correctly.

That is where our Cold Laser system comes in. It re-energizes the tissue and reprograms the healing so the joint can return to pre-injury function and feeling.

Living with chronic discomfort throws off your biomechanics leading to other problems and makes you grumpy and for sure none of us need more grumpy!!

If you’re dealing with chronic pain from an injury and would like to give this a try, contact us for an appointment.

Nothing makes me happier than helping people free themselves from their pain,

Dr. Julia Keiser

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