As I stated in my last blog, I attended some seminars where I learned a lot and want to share with you.

The nutrition seminar was incredible.

The presenter started the seminar with a statement that I found profound: “What is the body doing for you, not at you?

Our “health” care system (really a sickness management system) looks at all symptoms as bad and need to be suppressed.

That idea sounds fine when we don’t feel good. Taking away the headache or acid reflux or back pain or constipation sounds great, but his point is that the symptom is there for a reason and often the body is trying to protect you from something worse.

In chiropractic school, we are taught that the body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism.

If we cut ourselves, our skin will heal.

If we break a bone and stabilize it, it will heal.

So I think the instructor’s point is to see our bodies as intelligent and well meaning. Not as something we  have to “fight” or overcome.

But that means that we must treat our body well.

We must align it, move it, nourish it, rest it and refrain from abusing it.

That is why we always want to find out what the body is telling us and correct the cause vs. masking the problem and why we nudge you, nag you, encourage you, motivate you and inspire you to care for it.

We nudge you, nag you, encourage you, motivate you and inspire you because we care about you!

So, come on in and get adjusted and talk about your health goals with us. Whether it’s to relieve stress, sleep better, lose weight, exercise or just keep your body in alignment, let us know.

Dr. Julia Keiser

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