For the last two weekends, I have been in seminars. One was on current research about the opioid problem, and one on nutrition. For the next few blogs, I want to share some of that information. 

In the first seminar, the doctor shared numerous studies on the reduction of opioid use in patients who had even a small amount of chiropractic care.

Patients under chiropractic care were able to avoid or get off opioids. 

Since the leading cause of death of Americans under 50 years of age is opioid use, this is huge news.

The recommendation of the Governor’s commission is that all physicians should first recommend a non-pharmacological solution like chiropractic care for pain relief.

If we can prevent that initial use of opioids, then addiction won’t be a problem.

Right now all our focus is on treating addiction which is incredibly expensive and difficult; rather than prevention.

The greed involved in this whole issue is disgusting. The companies creating these drugs, the lies they fed the doctors and then the bribes they have given them is horrific.

Over the last year, I  have had 3 medical doctors come into the office disgusted with their profession feeling like they have become legalized drug pushers. Below is a good commentary on the topic by Stephen Colbert.

And now for a SUCCESS story! A Chiropractic Miracle!

I had a young patient who had been hurt at work. A box had fallen on her head and she had severe neck pain radiating into her arm. She had two surgeries on her shoulder with no relief and they put her on opioids. She admitted to me she was addicted to the drugs, still in tremendous pain and unable to work. She broke down and was absolutely desperate.

As we talked, I suspected her shoulder was not the cause of her issues but the injury to her neck.

We began treating her and within two weeks she was pain-free.

She is now off drugs and back to work. She is thrilled but angry too because she feels like two years of her life was lost.

If you have friends or family or co-workers who are in pain, please direct them to our office so we can address the correct the cause vs. covering up the problem with drugs.

Dr. Julia Keiser

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