What happens when the oil light or the check engine light turns on in your car?
If the mechanic tells you there is a quick cheap fix for it and offers to turn off the light, would you do that?
NO- of course not – we know the car has an intelligence system and it is using the light to communicate something is wrong. But isn’t that exactly what we do when take an Advil for low back pain, a Prilosec for acid reflux, Kaopectate for diarrhea, Tyelenol for headaches and on and on and on? STOP THE INSANITY!

We have a remarkable computer called our brains that runs about 730 trillion functions/ second. It doesn’t create a symptom for no reason.

A symptom is like the oil light – a warning – something is wrong.

Turning off that warning allows the problem to worsen resulting in more severe problems; not to mention what the drugs are doing to your stomach, your kidneys, your heart, your liver and on and on.

Taking better care of your car than your body doesn’t make much sense because you can always get a new car.

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