The FDA is allowing the release of a new painkiller: Zohydro; in spite of their own advisory panel voting 11-2 to keep it off the market. This drug is 10x stronger than Vicodin, is easily abused and addictive. A single dose will kill a child and 2 will overdose an adult.

There are two troubling things about this situation. One is the obvious disregard that the FDA has for our safety. They are in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry and clearly when they blatantly ignore their own advisory panel don’t even care who knows it.

Secondly people in pain will be guided into a drug solution for their pain rather than seeking the cause. Our bodies are self-healing and self-regulating and do NOT create a symptom for no reason. Instead of covering up pain ( turning off the fire alarm), can we please correct the underlying cause.

If you or a friend or family member or co-worker or neighbor or acquaintance or dentist or hair stylist or dog sitter is in pain, PLEASE call us and find out the cause rather than covering it up with pain meds and starting down the path to addiction or worse. Click here to find out more about how chiropractic care can help find the cause AND eliminate the pain!

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