Are you an Oreo addict?

New research shows Oreos are more addicting than cocaine!!

Is it any wonder over ¾ of Americans are overweight? There are several reasons Oreos are so addicting. One is the combination of sugar and fat is almost irresistible. That combination is satisfying to many areas of our brains and taste buds.
But there is a second reason and that is the fact that many snack foods contain chemicals that are addicting- making you crave more.  Remember – “ You can’t eat just one” ?

Tobacco companies employ chemists who are “addictionologists”.

These are specialists who use different chemicals and additives to make things more addicting. Since many of the tobacco companies now own food companies, they are using this technology on foods. Craving is a natural response to these food combinations and additives.

Well since we can’ t eat just  one, maybe we shouldn’t eat any at all.

Avoiding addicting junk food is our best bet. If you are experiencing cravings, it may be time for a cleanse to clean your system of these chemicals. A patient (who was addicted to fast food) who is completing our nutritional cleanse program just told me, “McDonalds justsounds gross.” Yeah – because it is gross. By ridding herself of the chemicals, she also shed her addiction.

So the solution to getting rid of cravings is to clean your body of the chemicals that cause them in the first place!

It really isn’t that difficult. Sure, the first few days of giving up any kind of addictive food can be hard, but very quickly your body adapts and you find yourself getting hungry for things like fruit and vegetables. There are countless recipes available to us now for healthy desserts and snacks.

How about instead of Oreos, you combine raw nuts, raisins and dark chocolate chips in a bowl and snack on that?

Personally, when I’m told to grab a carrot instead of a cookie, my brain may say, “No thank you!”
However, if I have a little dark chocolate with some nuts and/or raisins, my sweet tooth is satisfied quickly. The most effective way to change your cravings (and feel great) is to do a cleanse. This is super easy with the system we have used successfully with countless patients over the years. Click here to find out more. Pay attention to your cravings.

Pay attention to what you eat and very quickly, you will be amazed at just how much better you will feel!

Dr. Julia Keiser

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