A recent study in Canada looking at 90,000 women over a 25 year period is showing mammograms are at best useless and at worst harmful.

This has been my personal conclusion after examining other previous studies. But since mammograms are such huge business, I knew our current medical system would try to refute this excellent study and yes the next day they said basically well just keep doing them anyway.

This is an incredibly dangerous misuse of research. If a study shows what the current medical establishment wants to hear, then the song will be sung from the mountaintop. However if the study contradicts or calls into question current profitable practices, then it is immediately disputed and buried.

Unfortunately, we have been forcefully steered down many medical paths that are expensive and dangerous; often being told it is for our own good. Many drugs, surgical procedures and diagnostic tests are done merely for profit with no benefit and often detriment.

We can no longer be sheep trusting that the AMA or the TV or the FDA or the hospital or the media has our best interest at heart.

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