Have you looked at your kids’ posture (or your spouse, friends, co-workers) lately?

My guess is they are hunching forward. I never used to see that forward head posture in children or young adults.

Now every child or teenager we see has that posture, yikes!!

So why is that? Look at their devices. Look at how they are hunched over the phone; over the iPad playing games.

I never saw a loss of the neck curve in anyone under 30 unless they had a serious trauma but now every child, teen or adult has a loss of that cervical curve.

So what? Is that a really big deal? It sure is.

A recent medical study looking at the consequences of decrease or loss of that curve found this condition takes more years off of life than heart disease or cancer.

When the nerves in the neck and upper back are irritated, the brain can’t communicate clearly with the heart, the blood vessels supplying the heart, the lungs, the thyroid gland and other systems.

When we’re hunched, we can’t get enough air in our lungs and therefore oxygen to our cells.

So is this a big deal? Yes!

Here’s an interesting story about a doctor (radiologist) who came in…

He only came in because his neck pain was so severe he couldn’t bike. When we looked at his x-rays, his neck curve was reversed. He laughed and said, “well that’s no big deal”.  So I sent him to look at the medical studies I have been reading. He came back in panicked and pleaded with me to “fix it”.

He felt bad because he had worked in the ER for years and told patients not to worry about it.

What’s the solution?

We have a new computer system that scans posture in about 2 minutes.

We’ll tell you what you can do to fix it and how to maintain a healthy posture while continuing to use your electronic devices!

So this month stop in with your kids and we will get their posture analyzed and e-mail you the results.

Give us a call to set up an appointment: (614) 848-5211. You’ll be so relieved that you’re doing something about it now before it becomes a major problem for your child.

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