Covering up the pain with medication is much like turning off the oil light in your car. Our goal is to get to the cause.

Our goal is to get to the cause of the backaches and back pain; correct the problem and teach you ways of preventing back pain it in the future.

An analysis that looked at over 300 studies on headaches found that 98% of the time the cause is “cervicogenic” which means starting in the neck and that the most effective treatment is chiropractic care.

Our goal is to determine the cause of the pain, correct the problem and teach you ways to prevent headaches in the future.

We will consult with you about the specifics of the headaches (frequency, location, contributing factors etc.), perform a thorough examination, determine the cause and set up a treatment plan.


Most headaches including sinus, migraines, tension, cluster are caused by a misalignment in the neck which causes nerve pressure and muscle tension.


This issue is often overlooked by traditional examinations.

Our treatment may consist of spinal alignment, massage therapy, lifestyle instructions, stress reduction techniques, nutritional guidance or a combination.