Pain is a signal telling you something is wrong.

Covering up the pain with medication is much like turning off the oil light in your car. The problem worsens.

Our goal is to get to the cause of the backaches and back pain; correct the problem and teach you ways of preventing back pain it in the future.

We will consult with you about the specifics of the problem (when, where, duration etc.), perform a thorough examination, determine the cause and set up a treatment plan.

Most often the causes are structural.

Your spine is misaligned impacting the nerves and muscles resulting in pain.

These issues are often overlooked in traditional medical examinations.

 Fireman Finds Relief from Back and Neck Pain

Once we determine the cause, treatment may consist of exercise, spinal alignment, massage, lifestyle instructions or a combination.

A new study published in “Spine” journal states if a person sees a chiropractor for their back or neck pain first, their likelihood of needing surgery is 1.5%; if they see a medical doctor it is 47.2%.