Our solution for allergies is simple and complicated.

Our cold laser system is simple because we assess the problem and then correct the cause.

It’s complicated because it’s all about quantum physics!

This system assesses you for over 200,000 different allergens using the molecular vibration of the different molecules.

For instance, it appraises you for over 5,000 types of mold. This allows the system to design the treatment just for you. The treatment uses a cold laser on acupuncture points (no more needles) to reprogram or reboot the immune system so that it no longer sees your kitty or dust mites or peanuts as a danger.

This combination of ancient healing arts and current laser technology allows your immune system to do its job: fight off the real villains.

In my case, I thought one of my major allergens (I had many) was cottonwood tree pollen. We live on a creek and have dozens of those trees in our yard. However, the assessment showed my worst tree pollen was oak. When I told my husband about this, he said your allergies are always worse in the screened porch than anywhere else. Of course at the edge of the porch is an enormous oak.

By using the system to treat this allergy, I’m able to enjoy our porch without allergy symptoms.

Interested in finding out more?

Give us a call (614-848-5211). We will have you fill out some paperwork that will let us know if this system is right for you.
Dr. Julia Keiser

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