Last night, did you fall asleep immediately, sleep deeply, and then wake up refreshed and ready for the day?

Possibly not; poor sleep, feeling tired and foggy is a common complaint.

Even though we often joke about being tired or proud of how little sleep we get, lack of sleep is a serious health issue. Lack of sleep is related to practically every health care issue out there; from obesity to dementia to fibromyalgia to cancer.

So how do you improve sleep?

Change some habits.

Here a number of things that will each change your ability to get a good nights sleep. If you can work on them all, great! Change a few at a time and you will begin to notice you are getting much better sleep. Eventually you’ll get them all and you will be a new person!

  1. Go to bed at approximately the same time every night.
  2. Make your bedroom cool, dark and quiet.
  3. Stop watching the news before bed.
  4. No TV in the bedroom.
  5. Get off the computer two hours before bedtime.
  6. Get some exercise during the day, particularly cardiovascular.
  7. Drink chamomile tea before bedtime.
  8. Get chiropractic adjustments regularly.

If changing some or all of these habits doesn’t help, let’s figure out the cause. Give us a call and let’s determine what is causing your sleeping issues.

Check out the November Columbus Monthly magazine- they have an interesting article on sleep and stress and YES they even interviewed us for ideas.

Dr. Julia Keiser

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