I for one am tired of hearing about the opioid crisis in Ohio.

It seems like everyday a patient tells me their car or house or work place has been robbed or someone they know is struggling with pain medications. We hear about it in our schools, homes and workplaces.

Even if we aren’t directly related to the problem of opioid addiction, we are impacted.

Yesterday a patient with MINOR foot surgery was sent home with a prescription for 60 Oxycodone.

On Sunday the Columbus Dispatch had a big article on how doctors are being reimbursed by the drug companies.

Complete and utter greed is behind this issue and there is going to be no remedy coming from the source of the problem.

What is the solution then for us and our communities?

We talked about encouraging friends and coworkers and neighbors to seek the cause and correction of their problem rather than suppressing it by seeing a chiropractor, getting massages or physical therapy.

But as a community we need to take a stand for prevention. Worthington Optimal Wellness has been involved with Drug Safe Worthington for several years.

On Monday August 28th at 6:00 pm, there is the first in a series of community dinners and workshops to discuss preventing this problem.

We are a major participant and would love to see you and talk to you about solutions.

Click here for the flyer with all of the information. You can RSVP immediately by clicking here.


Drug Safe Worthington’s purpose is to mobilize efforts in our community to promote a culture that prevents drug and alcohol abuse while supporting individuals and families affected by substance abuse.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Dr. Julia Keiser

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