Are we nuts? Today there was an article on the front page of the paper about how the U.S. allows chemicals in our environment without any safety measures. Chemicals are “innocent” until proven guilty.

When the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) attempted to figure out when the drinking water in West Virginia would be safe, it looked at the Material Safety Data sheet and found there was no “Data available” on whether the chemical causes cancer, injury to our organ systems or to a fetus. A company does not have to prove the chemical is safe before introducing it into the environment.

So it looks like we are the guinea pigs because we now all live “downstream”. This information is both appalling and shocking and underscores the reason we use a cleansing system in our office. After attending a Wellness seminar at Duke University several years ago on chemical stress, we learned the direct connection of chemicals in our food, air and water and increased rates of cancer, auto-immune diseases, obesity and Type II diabetes.

I spent a year finding the best cleansing system on the market and use it on a regular basis. One of the side effects is weight loss. But the best part of it is the sound nutrition and cleansing that happens while using it.

Many patients using the system find increased energy, deeper sleep, improved clarity, weight loss and decreased achiness. If you are interested in learning more, call our office at 614-848-5211 or click here for more information.

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