It’s a new year!

2017 was an interesting year for sure. There has been no shortage of news that made us crazy. I have witnessed it in so many of my patients by the way of stressed out bodies and minds.

My wish for all of you in 2018 is to spend less time worrying about the world around you and more time on taking care of YOU. Everything is better when you feel well, inside and out.

I’m  not suggesting you make wild new years resolutions that are hard to fulfill.

Make a simple goal that you will take better care of yourself in 2018.

  • Unwind and unplug.
  • If you “need” to lose weight, get support.
  • If you are feeling overworked, commit to more downtime. 
  • Get regular chiropractic adjustments. Keeping your spine in alignment alone reduces stress not just on your body but in your mind. Remember – the spine is where EVERY nerve in your body is housed and sends it’s messages out. That is why getting adjusted can create what seems like miracles! All we’re doing is helping your body work as it should.
  • “Treat” yourself to massages. Massages help your spine stay in alignment as they relax the muscles and release tension held in your body.
  • Relax and enjoy our Stress Reduction Therapy. You’ll sit back and enjoy sounds and imagery using the latest technology to relax and reboot your brain.
  • Spend more time with your family and loved ones UNPLUGGED.
  • Cleanse your body a few times this year.
  • Exercise! Get out for walks. Run. Go the gym. Run up and down your stairs. Chase your kids or grandkids. Come in for exercise therapy. It doesn’t matter what, just do it!

Dr. Shannon, Dr. Harris and I all look forward to seeing you here often in 2018.

Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our patients feel better and enjoy the “miracles” of self care.

Dr. Julia Keiser


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