In our last blog, we discussed “Desires”, from a delicious cup of coffee in the morning all the way to the big desires we all have.

I am reminded of a patient who came into the office seeking change so she could manifest her desire. She wanted a new job.

She knew exactly the job she wanted: youth minister at a local church.

She had her degree and knew what she wanted but was not healthy or energetic or fit enough to do the job or even the stamina to pursue the job!

Together, we developed a program to reach her dream.

She began with chiropractic care first which decreased her pain, improved her sleep and gave her the energy for the next step.

She incorporated our nutritional cleanse system which helped her lose weight, further increase her energy and clarity. It also helped her get off of several medications.

She then began an exercise program and used our Power Plate system. This increased her endurance and assisted in further weight loss.

During this whole time, she began using our Brain Tap System which helped reduce her stress and kept her laser-focused on her goals.

She is currently in her dream job, met her wonderful spouse and was able to take the kids she works with on a hiking trip of a lifetime.

Never give up on those desires, hopes, dreams, goals.

Whether you take baby steps or huge leaps, keep focused and consistent and all is attainable.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can help you. (614) 848-5211 I look forward to helping you reach your desired goals in 2020!

Dr. Julia Keiser

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