One of our favorite patients has a number of chronic illnesses.

Chiropractic has helped him decrease his meds and maintain his active lifestyle.

One of the conditions most troubling is his Parkinsons.

I had him in mind when we went for the training on our new FSM technology which I wrote about in the past 2 blog posts, FSM Technology Helps the Body Heal Itself and FSM Technology to Reduce Pain and Improve Overall Health. FSM has a specific program designed for the conditions caused by Parkinsons Disease.

FSM technology is widely used by the Cleveland Clinic. It is non-evasive and completely painless.

Our patient has been using the FSM system for several weeks and is astonished at the decrease in tremors and the dramatic healthy drop in his blood pressure, he is thrilled with the results.

Another patient has been suffering with post chemo pain and numbness into his legs and arms.

After just a few sessions on the FSM system, his leg pain and numbness were completely relieved.

He and I are hopeful that his body will use this information to correct  this debilitating concern.

If you would like to know more about this new technology, any of our doctors will be happy to discuss it with you.

Dr. Julia Keiser  

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