Local-Matters-blogToday’s paper had two articles on community gardens in urban areas. Their goal is to involve the neighborhoods to grow healthy food for little cost and create a sense of community.

What a fabulous idea! Local Matters has a project incorporates wellness, prevention of serious health issues, raises self-esteem and creates a safer, healthier environment.

Local-mattersThis is a concept that all of us at WOW can completely support; which is why we have chosen to support Local Matters in our annual charity event.

Local Matters helps start and support community gardens. They teach classes on how to garden, shop at Farmer’s Markets and cook healthy meals using fresh produce.

On Saturday August 6th from 8:00 to noon, we will hold our annual Patient Appreciation Day with support going to Local Matters. On that day, all new patient and regular patient services are free. We ask for a donation to Local Matters.

In addition to gardening, we will also have classes on nutrition, effective nutritional cleansing, composting, and more.

To start the morning we have a free yoga class at 8:30. We will have cooking demos from the fabulous Local Matters chef (and one of our awesome patients), Laura Helland.

Call us to schedule an appointment (614-848-5211) for yourself or your friends and family.

Come ready to learn some new ideas and share some wonderful food!

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