I have many patients who have been with me for years. This allows me to see the miracle of self-care, from chiropractic adjustments to weight management, yoga, and exercise.

Kathy, this patient who feels younger than ever at the age of 58, has been coming to WOW for several years.

When she came to us, she was well kind of a mess. Nothing majorly wrong, but lots of aches and pains and excessive weight.

Her biggest concern wanting to exercise and well, walk comfortably. Kathy wasn’t new to chiropractic care. She and her husband started seeing one in their early 20s. But after moving to Columbus, they never found a chiropractor that they both loved, that took insurance and that was open when they could get there.

Fast forward a few years, and Kathy is a grandma. She gladly took on the role of babysitter a few days a week and realized that she didn’t completely trust herself going up and down the stairs in their home with a baby on her hip.

“I am WAY too young to have this problem”, she decided!

Kathy stepped up her chiropractic adjustments to at least 1 a week, she eventually got a professional trainer to strengthen her body and began doing cardio workouts.

Within a year of making these changes, Kathy was not only comfortable carrying her granddaughter up and down the stairs, she began to run up and down (when she wasn’t carrying a baby!)

The result? Kathy feels younger now at 58 than she did 10 years ago.

Stock photo- not real patient.

When people told her that pain in her knees was arthritis and there was nothing she could do about it she thought “No way!” and came to us for additional adjustments.

Believe it or not – the knees are connected to the spine! This Kathy considers the biggest miracle of all. Her knees are pain-free. She still is running up and down the steps and now she carries her two other grandchildren around. And, she runs in the yard. Yes, runs!

Want to feel 10 years younger in a year?

Kathy says, “Get regular chiropractic adjustments, do a little cardio and weight training and/or yoga a couple times a week. You will feel like a new person in a year. It’s amazing!”

It’s simple and drug-free! Go figure.

Just as I’ve been saying all along.

I look forward to helping you feel young again!

Dr. Julia Keiser


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