Another article is in the paper today about drug mills, increase in addiction to pain medications and the resulting ruination of lives.

When will we learn covering up the symptom rather than addressing the problem is never a good idea?

Whether that symptom is pain, heartburn, headache, depression or problems with a friend, denial never works well. The problems worsen and, in the case of pain medications, addiction results.

A patient came in following a car accident with horrible neck and shoulder pain.

The curve in her neck had been reversed due to the trauma and was irritating the nerves. She responded beautifully to chiropractic adjustments – able to return to all her sports and activities pain free.

But her insurance quit paying and she quit chiropractic care. I hadn’t seen her but her mom told me the pain gradually began to increase and she went to her family M.D. who put her on Oxycodone (which was covered by her insurance).

She became addicted and has lost her job, her husband and her children.

Isn’t it crazy for insurance to cover an addicting pain medication and not chiropractic care which is safe, non-addicting and was getting to the root of the problem?

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