Our focus this month is on sleep. There are three different types of people with sleep problems.

1. People who can’t fall asleep.

2. People who wake frequently.

3. People who sleep through the night but are still tired.

Sleep is so essential that we need to focus the whole month on this one issue.

Without adequate sleep, memory is poorer, metabolism decreases causing weight gain and obesity, cardiovascular and cancer rates increase, falls and injuries are more prevalent. So you can see how vital this problem is.

This post focuses on the folks who can’t fall asleep.

During our initial consultation, many people express fatigue and insomnia.

Over 90% of our patients with sleep difficulties improve with chiropractic adjustments. If the brain is irritated by subluxations (a partial misalignment in your vertebrae), it has difficulty slowing down.

Recently, a new patient told me he would toss and turn unable to fall asleep for hours. He had tried everything including prescription medications but was only getting 2-3 hours per night. 

Within 6 weeks of starting his chiropractic care, his sleep improved dramatically.

He is now sleeping soundly, dreaming deeply and waking refreshed and rested. So for your friends and family and co-workers who are always tired, let us help.

If you are having problems getting to sleep even with your adjustments, look at your environment.

Your room should be dark, cool and quiet. Some new research says we should not have our cell phones in the bedroom unless they are shut off. Stop using the computer and cell phone several hours before sleep and skip the nightly news.

If your sleep difficulty is related to stress (which is the most common reason), ask about our Brain Tap system.

I liken it to meditation on steroids. Within 2 minutes your brain will change from a stressed brain wave to deep relaxation with a decrease in stress hormones and increased serotonin and endorphins. You can read more about it here.

Dr. Julia Keiser

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  1. I sleep better because of regular massages! People should try them and be amazed how well they feel ! I recommend them 😁

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