Not to scare you but, new studies coming out are showing calcifications at the base of the skull in children and teens.

How can this happen?

According to a study cited by Scientific Reports, hunching over a phone  sends a signal to the body that it needs to adapt and the body’s response is bone spurs.

The bony nub at the back of the skill can become enlarged, even triceratops like by the way we hold our heads.

Kids are spending so much time bent forward over their cell phone and devices, their necks are deforming.

Is this a big deal?


As they bend forward, the natural curve in their neck is flattening.

The medical profession rarely looks at alignment of the spine as an issue, but several years ago they studied a decrease or loss of the cervical (neck) curve.

The conclusion, at the end of the study, said that losing that curve takes more years off of life than cancer or heart disease.

Why? Because losing the curve negatively affects the amount of air in the lungs resulting in all the cells of the body receiving less oxygen.

Secondly, these nerves connect the brain and the heart and the blood vessels going to the heart. We never want a blockage of that communication.

This is why our doctors are always concerned about the curve in the neck .

Our scans examine how much nerve interference exists in those areas.

So in August as school season begins, bring the kids in to have their posture examined.

Our quick computer program will let us assess their posture in less than a few minutes and we can e-mail you the results.

I know braces are important for a pretty smile but posture is important for a pretty brain!!!

Just give us a call to schedule the scan – you’ll be glad you did!

Dr. Julia Keiser

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