Last week there was an article in the paper stating there was an air quality alert because it was hot and humid.

The truth is, there was an air quality alert because Columbus air is horrible.

Every year the American Lung Association gives out air quality grades and Columbus gets an “F”.

It is not only our air that is full of chemicals but so is our food and water.

Since clearly the money from the chemical lobbies is more important than our health and our children’s health, we must take care of ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Columbus! There is so much here that’s wonderful. I volunteer with several agencies in town who promote healthy living and eating. But it is imperative that we all take our health in our own hands!

Ten years ago I went to a seminar on wellness at Duke Medical University.

When the professor discussed all the increase in illness and disease associated with increased chemical exposure, I asked what can be done? 

The conclusion of the studies was a regular cleansing program will fight off the increased chemical exposure most of us experience!

I returned and spent the next year (with one friend who has a PhD. in nutrition and another who is a naturopath) finding an effective  cleansing system.

So now I cleanse on a regular basis.

Next to chiropractic it is absolutely the best thing I have done for my health.

The benefits included losing 35 pounds, increased energy and clarity, decreased aches and pains and losing my cravings for sugar. My blood work dramatically improved too.

Many of our patients have seem similar results.

Find out more about our recommended cleansing program and contact us to make an appointment to discuss.

You’ll be glad you did!

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