In the last blog post, we discussed how effective our cold laser system is for allergies.

The cold laser system (or LLLT, Low Level Laser Therapy) has also been amazing for Smoking Cessation, or helping smokers quit the habit!

We all know that smoking is one of the worst things we can do.

It causes many kinds and cancers and lung conditions but is so addictive that quitting is extremely difficult and frustrating, with very low success rates.

The cold laser system reboots the body to eliminate that addiction.

One patient who had smoked for 52 years and had tried every drug, hypnosis, and product out there decided to try our laser system.

Yes, it worked!

After quitting, I asked her why this worked for her.

She said it felt like she had never smoked!

So far, (knock on wood) we have had 100% success with our system.

If you or your friends or family smoke, let them know there is a new solution. (You can read more about the system by clicking here.)

The only requirement is that they have to want to quit for their self.

Contact us to make an appointment to kick the habit!

Dr. Julia Keiser


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