This month we all focus on gratitude.

This is an easy focus for me because it is part of my daily life.

Every evening when I leave work, I express gratitude. How could I not? I have been gifted with the best career possible.

Every day I walk into a beautiful office with the most wonderful positive uplifting staff and then get to spend time with the most fantastic patients who constantly express gratitude.

Over this last year, I have worked with 4 patients trying to conceive.

They have gone through the usual medical route including fertility drugs, in vitro fertilization but no conception. They took a huge leap of faith and sought our help.

Happily, we now have pregnancies all around.

When something so wonderful happens, how can we not be grateful?

But I love the little daily miracles too.

  • The runners who quit and were told they would never run again completing the Columbus Marathon
  • The five-year-old with a dry bed in the morning
  • The patients able to garden again, travel again and lift their kids again

So thank you for trusting us with your kids and your mom and your best friend and your neighbor and your boss and YOU.

Here at WOW, we all love being part of what we like to call, “Chiropractic Miracles” because we love helping people feel better, live better and enjoy life again.

Thank you for being part of our lives. We are all so grateful for YOU!

Dr. Julia Keiser

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