My 1st Chiropractic Miracle – No Tubes in Ears Necessary!

Submitted by patient, Kathy Rausch

I was introduced to chiropractic care completely by accident 34 years ago.

At that time, I had a 3 year old son and I was working at a hospital full time nights as a nurses aide in Labor and Delivery and the Nursery (I loved that job!)

My son Ian had chronic ear infections and colds. That was around the time that pediatricians started recommending surgically placed tubes in children’s ears to help with the infections and drainage, and that was what we were planning to do with Ian.

It made sense to us, and if our pediatrician recommended it, it had to be a good idea, right?

One night while I was working, I mentioned it to the nurses I was working with. Not because I wanted advice as much as moral support. But one of the nurses had another idea.

When no one else was around this nurse told me not to have the surgery! She said, “It’s a fad! The pediatricians are doing them all the time and making a lot of money from it. Take your son to a chiropractor – at least try that first!”

I knew what a chiropractor was because my husband was seeing one after being in a car accident. But for my baby? For his ears?

After discussing it with my husband, we decided to take Ian in to see the chiropractor. At the time, Ian was on antibiotics and had a runny nose constantly.

The chiropractor put us at ease immediately. He explained what we all learned in elementary school – the spine encases the central nervous system and every part of the body is affected when the spine is out of alignment.

Made sense.

He then asked if Ian had experienced any trauma to his body.

Well,  yes, he had a very traumatic birth and was born frank breach (feet first). He wasn’t breathing and they didn’t even know if he’d make it through the night. He was in infant intensive care for 10 days. He had no residual damage and was breathing on his own by the first morning.

As we were explaining this, the chiropractor was shaking his head like it made perfect sense that Ian would be having ear problems.

He then told us that he would just do a very gentle massage on Ian’s neck and behind the ears. He showed us a little massage we could do behind his ears to keep the sinuses draining. And he told us to KEEP him on the antibiotic.

The chiropractor didn’t want to do anything drastic, he didn’t “crack” Ian’s neck. Ian was never once afraid. And he didn’t try to talk us into doing anything “weird” (which I was afraid of).

And as you probably can guess, Ian’s ears got better. He never had the surgery. He did occasionally get colds and probably another ear infection or two, but he got considerably better within days.

From that time on, our entire family has seen a chiropractor pretty regularly. For the last 8 years, we have been coming to WOW. Not only for the chiropractic care, but for the care they have for our all aspects of our health.

All of the doctors know who we are and have made a huge difference in the quality of our lives.

We don’t just use chiropractic care to get out of pain – we use it as a means to maintain our overall health.

Now that makes sense!

End of Kathy Rausch story

There are studies today by the medical community that show tubes in the ears do not have long lasting effects and are often not even needed. Click here to read this article from WebMD.

You also need to consider the fact that this is SURGERY and your child will be prone to the side effects of this trauma and risk of infection from being in the hospital.

Constant runny noses and ear infections could also be as a result of allergies, which also can be remedied naturally! Click here to read more.

Do you have any “chiropractic miracles” you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear them!

Dr. Julia Keiser