Infants aren’t the only children we see regularly. Many are student-athletes.

Parents are realizing more and more that sports injuries can cause future problems and bring the kids to be checked.

Even without pain, a misalignment of the spine, the shoulders, knees, hips, elbows, and, ankles can happen and cause imbalance, postural distortions, and dysfunctions that can cause more injuries and/or arthritis. We treat a number of athletic injuries, including:

  • Strains & Sprains
  • Stress Fractures
  • Knee Injuries
  • Shin Splints
  • Tendinosis

Our own Dr. Katie Harris was a soccer star with a soccer scholarship.

While playing her freshman year, she was injured. The medical doctor she saw for treatment told that she would have to give up soccer.

Panicked she sought a second opinion from a chiropractor. He had her back on the field and able to play for the next four years.

That inspired her to follow a career as a chiropractor!

Different sports can have different injury patterns. Before taking up a sport for yourself or your kids, let us do an exam to make sure you are balanced and in alignment. This can prevent injury now and downline.

If your children are injured, bring them in to be checked for misalignment. This will help them heal much faster and be ready to get back to their activities. It will also help prevent future (and more serious) damage!

Chiropractic care helps prevent injuries in the first place. Here are some known ways chiropractic care helps athletes.

  1. Improved Performance.
    A misaligned spine or knee injury interferes with the functions of all other parts of the body since all parts of the body are connected, causing performance to suffer. When athletes seek chiropractic care and are getting regular adjustments, this keeps the spine working smoothly which helps ensure that other body parts, muscles, ankles, knees, etc., are functioning properly. Chiropractors understand how all of the different parts of the body work together. Athletes benefit from regular adjustments from a chiropractor because adjustments improve the body’s overall performance.
  2.  Pain Reduction.
    The spine contains numerous tissues that are highly sensitive to pain. Common areas are discs, ligaments, joints, and nerves. Any form of misalignment in the spinal column places strain and stress on any one of these areas causing pain. Chiropractic care restores and improves joint function while reducing inflammation which reduces pain.
  3. Improve Range of Motion.
    This is one of the greatest benefits of chiropractic care for athletes. They put so much pressure on their bodies during training and performing, which causes minor shifts in the discs, ligaments, joints, and nerves. Any form of abnormal alignment in the spine puts strain and stress on the bodies causing “minor” aches and pains, which creates difficulties in the spine and limits their range of motion. That’s why it’s so important to keep a regular chiropractic schedule (before a major injury).

Help your children stay in the game by keeping their body in alignment and tip-top shape!

Don’t wait until your child is injured, give us a call to schedule an appointment. We love helping children stay in optimal health!

Dr. Julia Keiser


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