Often when you think about chiropractic care for an older adult it is for back or neck pain but often chiropractic can help other conditions as well.

One of my favorite examples of this is a new patient named Marie. She had come in for shoulder issues but one morning came in and said “Hey Doc, guess what? I threw out my Depends”.

I asked her to explain.

She told me she had incontinence for years and had two surgeries to correct the problem with no improvement. She had tried several drugs but felt the side effects didn’t outweigh the benefits.

She told me that since the 5th or 6th adjustment she hadn’t experienced incontinence!

Marie is not the only patient who has experienced the benefit of no longer having urinary incontinence from chiropractic care.

There have been studies done to support this. In this article from the US National Library of Medicine, 21 cases of patients between the ages of 13 and 91 showed improvement for UI (urinary incontinence) from chiropractic care. The article shows the area of the spine that is affected (see image below).

So, what’s going on?

You probably learned this in grade school anatomy, but here’s a reminder: ALL nerves are channeled through the spine (or spinal column) in the spinal cord. It is common sense that if the spine is out of alignment, which causes nerves to be compressed and not properly sending signals to the brain, whatever part of the body that is controlled by those nerves will not work properly.

All parts of the body, inside and out are controlled by nerves that run through your spinal column.

When the brain can effectively communicate with our organs whether that is the bladder or the stomach or the heart, we have the potential to experience true health.

From the US National Library of Science:

the claim that chiropractic care “Adds Life to Years …” does seem reasonable. Any service that significantly increases a patient’s mobility, function, sense of well-being, and relief from debilitating symptoms represents a valuable contribution to health care. That combined with exceptional patient rapport and chiropractic fills a valuable health care niche. Visit study here.

In conclusion, chiropractic care is for much more than treatment to help with pain in the body.

It’s not just for a sore neck or back. Don’t believe the commercials that make Depends look sexy. Don’t believe the commercials that tell you a drug is the best thing since sliced bread. Your health is in YOUR hands. Do the research. Holistic eating, exercising, mindfulness, chiropractic care, and all things natural are much better for you than any drug or surgery. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in doctors and medical care when appropriate. But so much of what ails us can be dealt with before you need to seek medical care.

Chiropractic care positively affects your entire body, inside and out.

Contact us. We are here to help you stay healthy and strong!

Dr. Julia Keiser      

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