So what have our patients found using our CBD oil?

Here are a few of our patient’s examples:

Sue was bone on bone in her right knee and was told a knee replacement was her only solution.

However, for a number of reasons, she could not take 6 weeks off from her life for the surgery. She began using the CBD oil with great pain relief and increased mobility. We added our joint support supplement to her program and her last x-rays showed increased growth of cartilage in the knee. She is now pain-free and has begun a rowing program! See this article on citing the benefits of CBD oil for pain.

Jim was a college student who had anxiety issues that became severe around exam time.

Jim was also having difficulty sleeping. After using the CBD oil, he found his anxiety was greatly reduced and exam time no longer sent him over the edge. There is a lot of research to support the benefits of CBD Oil for anxiety, including this article on Jim’s sleep also improved significantly!

Pam was having digestive issues.

Pam had difficulty digesting food with frequent indigestion and acid reflux. Chiropractic care decreased the frequency of the symptoms but adding the CBD oil to her program resolved the issue. She can now eat more of the foods she had restricted and was able to eliminate her stomach medications.

We are very happy with the results our patients are getting from CBD oils. We spent a great deal of time vetting the best CBD Oil for our patients.

Talk to one of us to see if this might help with any of your unresolved issues. We have a trial period for patients to see if within a month they are improving.

Contact us. We are here to help!

Dr. Julia Keiser  

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  1. CBD oil is becoming more popular these days and based on this piece, it’s easy to see why. It has so many benefits and while not all of them will be experienced right away, they will make a collective difference in the long term.

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