Summer is arriving momentarily and many of you are increasing your activities.

We have all been cooped up for way too long and are excited about golf and kayaking and hiking and cycling and softball and tennis and running and all the other outdoor activities we love to enjoy!

Just like everything all sports have their benefits and drawbacks. Being active is at the top of our wish list for all of you but we want you to play smart.

This month our focus is on keeping you active and SAFE.

Next time you come in, let’s review all your activities.

Based on our discussions, we’ll come up with some recommendations if necessary.

We may suggest some stretches to incorporate. We may suggest specific exercises to prevent over use. We may suggest a specific massage to undo some damage or loosen scar tissue or some nutritional hints to improve endurance.

Our goal is always to maximize your health potential and movement is an essential part of this. But hurting yourself will only cause more inactivity and damage.

So let’s work together to make this a happy healthy summer, because it’s so great to be active and enjoy the outdoors!

Happy Summer!

Dr. Julia Keiser

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