The third stress to manage this holiday season is chemical stress.

What’s the biggest offender? SUGAR of course.

You may have heard me talk about how sugar is more addictive than cocaine; it lights up more pleasure centers in the brain.

Some of us jump on the sugar train at Halloween and ride it to the Super Bowl.

Let’s not.

So how can we manage the cookie monster?

  1. Have and enjoy what you really love. Choose a couple of homemade treats that you wait for all year.
  2. Skip what you like but don’t love.
  3. Give stuff away.
  4. Hide or simply throw away what you can’t give away.

Plan on doing what I do in January: a deep cleanse to start my year off right.

This cleanse gives me energy, cuts my sweet cravings, drops pounds, improves my attitude and makes me feel virtuous. 

And Isn’t that the way you want to feel in the new year?

Have a wonderful holiday season,

Dr. Julia Keiser

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